Mobile Fidelity Ultradeck

Hello.  I have an older Rega Planar 3, and was thinking of upgrading to a new Planar 6, or possibly 8.  I see that the Mobile Fidelity Ultradeck is on sale (they're probably coming out with a new model soon), but was wondering what people who have had  them think about their sound and overall quality.  Thanks!


I own one, think its pretty great.  Great build quality and sterling sound.

I gave the Ultradeck spin just before it was introduced 6 years ago. 

Now a great deck at the closeout price. Worthy of a $1K or so cart as long as you have an equally competent phonostage.

Rega is likely to be able to support their product long term.  Think about needing parts and service 10 years later. 

For the money, the Ultradeck at the lowered price is a much better deal. The Ultradeck iDelrin platter seems to be superior to Rega’s platter material, and the HRS feet are superior as well. 

Well I pulled the trigger and got it with the top of the line gold MC cartridge. Not set up yet it will be replacing my Rega 3 with elysis cartridge. Joins my old AR with an AT mono cartridge, to say nothing of my old VPI Jr with an SAE high output moving coil. And more for show a Project George Harrison and Yellow Submarine turntables. The mo-fi is by far the most expensive cartridge I have ever used guessing an upgrade to my Lounge Audio LCR phone stage and Coppa  SUT is next.