MoFi "Mobile Fidelity" Master Phono.

Very interested in this unit. The interweb appears to be lacking pertinent information/reviews from owners of this fine-looking phono stage. It appears to be designed by Peter Madnick. Usually, I really enjoy the way his products are voiced. User impressions of the Master Phono would be very welcomed.


November issue of Absolute Sound included it in their Buyer's Guide and said the review was forthcoming...

With a $6K sticker price, it better perform like a $10K box.

Seems like an odd price point for them to offer, based on their existing product line?

A box designed to compete with $5-6k units @$2500 MSRP, IMO makes more sense. 

Nice looking  unit.

Thank you for the link. It appears to be a solid unit. Hopefully someone will chime in with a first hand account of its performance.