Monster m 850 cable upgrades

I think these are m 850 rca cables. The cables had the pex with the dielectric. They may be the 1000s. I can’t tell anymore the numbers are worn off. What recommendations for rca upgrade would you recommend?


I highly recommend looking at real high end audio cables. Monster is not one of them. I mistakenly bought a number of Monster products for my home theater a number of years ago. They were a waste of money.


Look into Cardas (this would be my number one choice for you), Wireworld, DHLabs (excellent budget). 

How about audio quest? My monster cable are about to yank the connections out of the components  red river?

Go to aliexpress or Xangsane website for their products. Great price and quality, and excellent sound. The price is a fraction of its American equivalents.

What equipment is in your system, what’s your budget, and what improvements are you looking for?


Audioquest has great cables for home theaters in every price range. Also, check around the used market.  I have a bunch I bought from Music Direct for half price!

All the best.

@pureclarity Audience Ohno is a good deal and us better than the old monsters. 
Also, as mentioned above, DH Labs, Cardas. Audioquest is good too. Even the BlueJeans cables beat these monsters. 
But honestly, going’s into a receiver I wouldn’t bother with anything above $150/pr. That’ll just be putting lipstick on a pig. 

I absolutely Love my Quicksilver Audio IC's. Smooth and clear like water.....clean water of course. :-)

Like I said just the weight pulling on the connection from the monsters is crazy. So @soix going for the 5.1 multi channel analog output from my sacd player to the multi inputs on my receiver. I kinda hate wasting my time on this cause I love streaming, and have a great 2 channel setup, but don’t wanna unload my collection of surround discs. So maybe a few short blue jeans cables? Probably cheaper than 5 or 6 audio quest or cardas. Like audphile1 stated.

Well, you’ve now been asked twice what your budget is — is it a national secret or something?  Also, what SACD player and AVR are you using?  I for one can’t make a meaningful recommendation without this info but would like to make a recommendation if you’re willing to share further.  

I agree with @roxy54 on Xangsane.  These are definitely worth a look in your application and budget — getting great reviews here for sound quality and relatively easy on the budget, and they seem to even offer a return policy although I don’t know all the details.

Best of luck  




Is your Yamaha SACD a S-1000, S-2000, S-3000? If not, I found that Monster M1000 series sounded quite good with Aventage Yamaha gear.


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I share the experience ghdprentice had. Monster products were -- to say it gently -- not helpful in any of my systems at any time.

Thx eurorack and ghdprentice, I see the difference in cables. For my 2channel for sure, but in the meantime I think audphile1 has a point with bluejeans and not going too crazy into a receiver especially if not heavily listening to surround discs 

jafant: I don’t remember the model of my dvd/sacd player all I remember that it was made in 2010, so pretty old now. Oldie but a goodie



The best Yamaha players are made in Japan.


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Xangsane silver cables are absolutely fantastic, unbeatable at the price and hard to beat at 5x the price or more.