Mood Music

I would like you to list ONE song that makes you forget the problems of your day and puts you in a better mood. Quality of the recording is not important were after the music.

Louie Armstrong and Ella

Never fails to make me forget my problems if only for a little while.
ALL of my music makes me forget the problems of my day and puts me in a better mood. That said, I love Ella and Louie. My fav is "A Foggy Day".
Haven't listened to that song by Louie and Ella before but it's easy to see why a foggy day is your favorite. The Gershwins really wrote some beautiful music another favorite of mine by Louie is It's a Wonderful World. I want to thank you for participating.
I was going to list Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World but since it’s been taken I’ll cheat and say Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks recording. Never gets old and never fails to lift me up.

overkill- evil never dies

venom-Black metal

onslaught-fight with the beast

y&T- mean streak

any jackson browne, John denver, John Lennon, Donovan, CCR, 
a lot of stuff, relaxes me and takes me to a better place, mostly metal.

 A lot of music “takes me away”
 I like it that way, the worst day ever, and a few songs from my stereo, and I’m snapped out of it (usually)
and a couple Molsons’ also :) helps.

Last "movement" of Bach's BWV 51 (Jauchzet Gott in Allen Landen) sung by Maria Stader. A beautiful coloratura Alleluia by my favorite soprano.
A lot of good music so far maybe tomorrow we'll get a few more people to contribute. Would like to take this time to thank everybody whose posted, I really appreciate your time. All the best and good listening.