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I’m going to ask a late question. This topic was talked about last week, but I need a little more info. I have this Lyngdorf MP-40 that is Roon ready. It’s headed my way from Denmark and will have it Friday. I’d like to go ahead and buy a Nucleus. From all the previous discussions last week I have settled on that route, along with Qubuz. My question is about these TB SSD cards. I am starting from scratch. I have no files or such to insert. I will be streaming from Qubuz, through the Nucleus to the Lyndorf. At least that’s how I understand it. I have never streamed before, I’m a shiny disc guy. Can’t I just stream through the Qubuz/Nucleus/Lyngdorf and call it a day? Lets say I want to listen to Dark Side of the Moon... Is it easier to grab the album from a pre downloaded file off of the SSD card than it is to just stream it off of Qubuz? What advantage is pre downloading it? Quicker ? Is it that much of a hassle to find it on Qubuz and getting it playing? I guess I just don’t get the process, but I know you guys will. Please explain in laymen’s terms ..
The reason I ask is because the standard Nucleus comes without any TB SSD (and what the heck does that stand for). The Cards are 400 dollars for a 2TB SSD, and I like to know what the 400 dollars extra gets me ..
The 2TB SSD drive is used to store music files. If you are not going to download music or RIP your CD collection, there is no need for this drive. 
You will want to have a drive to store backups of your Roon database, but you can get a DropBox subscription if you want to do cloud backups. 
Forget the Nucleus.

Buy the Innuos Zen Mk3.

Add Roon and Qobuz.

Qobuz even dropped their fees today!!!!

All set!
Initially used a dedicated MacBook Pro that I ran Roon on then a few months back bought a Nucleus best thing I ever did. 
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Okay, Roon and any digital system requires three parts.  A server, a renderer player and DAC.  Any device that is "roon ready" is a renderer player. Additionally, your Lyngdorf has a DAC.  You only need a server.

The benefit of a Server is that it insulates the the renderer/player and DAC from the volatility of the internet and also allows access to local files. 

My experience is local files can sound better than streamed files.  This is especially the case with out a server as a buffer.  I find cheap streamers tend to do a poor job of handling internet traffic and local files will sound better.  

This is why you get something like a Nucleus.  It serves as a server and will get data from Qobuz/Tidal and allow access to any local files.  A 2TB SSD stands for two terabyte, solid state drive.  SSD means there are no moving parts and they tend to be faster and more stable than traditional hard drives.  

The size of the drive is driven by the # of local files you have.  I know they were running a promotion with a free 1TB drive recently.  If you have a modest library and simply need a few local files, a 1TB drive will be plenty.  If you have no local files and only need a backup, then a USB drive or any external USB drive will do the job.  
The advantage to downloading is to have the file available even without using your Internet connection. This may be a benefit if you have intermittent connection issues, want to take the music with you while traveling (e.g. on your phone), or if you are purchasing music for "ownership" after cancelling your streaming subscription.
I’d suggest trying to stream to the Lyngdorf without the Nucleus first. For all but rare recordings, you might find most of the desired music available via stream. For those few recordings you might have not available via streaming, you can still play them  the old fashioned way, with the thought that such content might eventually be available via streaming service. While streaming content might not sound quite as good, you might find the difference not worth the extra expense or effort. If you find the direct streaming sound quality unsatisfactory, you can always add the Nucleus with ss drive storage and spend the time loading it with your musical library or when critical listening time comes, just play back the old fashioned way, which might or might not ( I know redundant, but point to be made) sound better than from hard drive.
 One caveat: gapless playback of Classical music can be somewhat finicky via direct streaming.
The thing about streaming services is that their license for a particular artist or body of work comes and goes.  Kind of how things are always showing up and disappearing on Netflix.

The other thing is reliability.  The local file will never suffer from the same kind of network outages and jitter issues of streaming nor the Wifi streaming issues we encounter in a congested area.

Having said that, about 70% of the music I listen to is streamed. I still on occasion buy files, especially DSD's from

which is another reason, AFAIK there is no DSD streaming service since the files are too big.

So I do think local storage for purchased music is useful for me I barely use 500Gigs.


^ I don’t believe either the Lyngdorf or the Nucleus have a wireless option.
Thanks for the enlightenment . You sold me as soon as a couple of you said most music sounds better after copied and replayed. Coming from CD’s and DVD’s I’m wanting to not take steps back in Sound Quality. Being penny wise and dollar foolish is not my way. And I did not think about the play list varying as licenses come and go. At least that’s how (again) I understand what you have said. I missed out on the 1 free TB as that special purchase ended, so I just ordered a 2TB SSD option Nucleus this afternoon. I should be trying all this in a week or so.
Enjoy! Though the opinion of copied sounding better has as many arguing that the original disc play back sounds best.
Your all set for streaming, don't limit yourself to cd rips only. And your Lyngdorf is Roon ready, consider getting Roon. Also, Qobuz and Tidal both embedded within Roon, so you can have both or just one. Roon interface better than Tidal or Qobuz. The license thing isn't really that much an issue, I rarely lose a favorite album or song from playlists, and when I do a replacement is readily available. I have well over 2500 cd rips, streaming opens one up to so much more music!

How do you back up your nucleus?

Having trouble using an external hard drive to do this. Roon doesnt find it even though the USb is connected to the nucleus

Lets say I want to listen to Dark Side of the Moon... Is it easier to grab the album from a pre downloaded file off of the SSD card than it is to just stream it off of Qubuz?

Regarding the above question: Somebody tell me how you can download a Qobuz  track/album inside the ROON app and play it.   I maybe be incorrect,  but it is my understanding you need to be inside the Qobuz app to download a file from them and stream it from local storage.   No?  Do some third party partners have this functionality?