?Morrow or ZenWave Power and interconnects?

My current power cord into my PrimaLuna HP amp (running KT120’s) is a Laspada Audio Apollo II Power Cable, 10 gauge, 6 footer with Rhodium coated IEC connectors. 

It’s an ok power cord but it’s past time to upgrade and I’m considering either the Morrow Elite Power Cord or the ZenWave DPS-4 Power Cable. (Wall plug ungraded to a Furutech GTX-D)

(At the same time I’ll get the Morrow Elite interconnect, with 192 SSI WIRES or the ZenWave D4 interconnect)

For both Morrow cables/interconnect my cost would be  $2337 and for the ZenWave cables/interconnect $3265. It not the cost difference so much that’s got me hung but rather they both use very different approaches as to how they make their respective products. Both have glowing internet reviews.

I know ultimately this is about how it will sound in my room with my speakers, gear and ears. My preferences run neutral to warm sound.

I’d appreciate thoughts on these two possibilities or what might be comparable.


You're spending that kind of money on the basis of construction and opinions without auditioning anything???
I would certainly take a good look at Purist which sounds much better than Morrow and is a great co as well.Purist also enjoys a much better resale as well.
I'm happy with any morrow items I've purchased. When researching I had a few suggestions for Purist but none of the dealers on their dealer page sell their cables (I tried about 8 dealers, they either didn't sell them or just the cd and lp-no cables).

I'd definitely audition some. I asked for some from Morrow and he sent them right over. I didn't expect that because I'm nobody, just a schlub asking about cables.
Cable is dependent on system and personal taste.

You had better contact Dave of Zenwave for home audition of D4 IC cable and power cables.

I think IC will make more difference than power cables.
Great suggestion(s) in asking to audition. Called Dave...and will call Mike too..

Know interconnects are key

For power cables, I'd first look at Triode Wire Labs or Cullen Cables.  But if it were me, I'd seriously take a look at Mad Scientist cables.  Very reasonable and some unique technology that flies under the radar and gets very good reviews.  


Best of luck in your search. 

I had been happy with  Synergistic Research Powercell UEF Blue power cables for last 6 months, with transparency and tight and tuneful bass.

I plan to keep the above 6 power cables for at least 3 years or more.

I have no relation with above listing.

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Makes one wonder how Mad Scientist or Laspada Audio stack up so favorably against cords many many times more pricey?
The OP doesn’t say, so just to touch on a fundamental, every component in the system should have an upgraded power cord for best results.  

That said, since he mentioned a neutral to warm sound, I’m not sure Morrow is the right option.  I’ve got some of their MA 5 interconnects and warm would not be a descriptor at all.

this is the previous silver coated copper design though, their current line is all copper.  I haven’t seen many owner reviews on the new stuff and none calling it warm.

Cardas cables can be warmer, and I think some Audioquest.  I’m not sure it’s worth it to spend that kind of budget though unless the amp/speakers are several thousand each.  YMMV.
I’m not sure it’s worth it to spend that kind of budget though unless the amp/speakers are several thousand each. YMMV.

Speakers are Sonus Faber guarneri evolutions. Will upgrade power cord(s) into PrimaLuna Amp and Lumin server. (Do not like sound of AMP when plugged into the Furman IT15 power conditioner and AMP goes straight into wall with furutech wall plug)
Got the demos ZenWave DPS-4 Power Cable and the PL Power Cables.

! The DPS-4 Power Cable is remarkable ! Re Mark Able. 🎯 Ho daddy. The PL Power Cable good but not a game changer like DPS-4. (The samples are both used and are burned in)

A Tsunami III Power Cord from Acoustic Zen was in place to compare the ZenWave Power cables to...(my Laspada Audio Apollo II Power Cable and Tsunami III had no audible difference to me.)

Also got in The ZenWave D5 Interconnect that is noticeably more "natural" and "open" sounding than the (now a bit flatter sounding) Nordost blue they are being compared to. Anther ZenWave hit.

This system with the ZenWave power and interconnects give more of the sought after live music feeling (that I thought was good before).

My quandary is that I have to buy the Morrow(s) but can return in 60 days...If not happy...The Morrow(s) would not be burned in.
I own a pair of Morrow MA4s (1.5m RCA interconnects - pre 2018 design), fitted with "Pure Harmony" plugs.  The MA4s were displaced from my system by a pair of Atlas Equator OCC cables which, to my ears, gave the music a slightly "bigger" sound stage - the Equators also happened to be significantly cheaper.

I've just taken delivery of a pair of Mark Grant Cables HDX1 RCA interconnects and, although still in the very early hours of listening (less than 30 hours at the time of posting), they too give greater depth when compared to the MA4s.

For many, the 60-day return option by Morrow Audio will be attractive but, having now had 3 sets of Morrow cables (including the MA4s), all have ended up being out performed by other cables that are often less expensive (at least IMO).

Thanks to the previous post, I'll be looking into the Zens - particularly the interconnects :) .
rockaddict You like interconnects that cost far less than the  MA4s. Once again showing that if something is expensive it's not necessarily going to be better for a given system. 

The Zens are not inexpensive (relative to what you have previously spent) but on my system they excelled.

Now also have some Nordost Frey 2's on the way....as after scouring this from I have it in mind to try them too.

After this round it's going to stop.  Not
The mark grant stuff looks interesting. 
@rockaddict how do you like them? I am familiar with the morrow sound and would love to hear your final thoughts on the grants.
apstoltz:  This loooong post is made with more than 40 hours on the HDX1s clock and it goes without saying the following is based on my personal experiences and with my (comparatively) lowly system.  And yes, I'm still liking them :) .

For me, the HDX1s have more field depth than the MA4s (pre 2018 design), i.e. the front-to-back depth and, slightly, the height.  With the HDX1s, the sound stage seems marginally wider, maybe 1/2 to 2/3 of a speaker's width each side and the overall "picture" seems more open ("air"?); this being fairly close to the Atlas Equators.

Given the differences in materials of the two sets of cables, it's probably not surprising that music sounds a touch warmer with the HDX1s compared to the MA4s but that's a statement of fact rather than a compliment or criticism as "warmth" or "brightness" is pretty much a matter of personal preference.  It's only fair to acknowledge Morrow has since changed its cable design to all-copper wire which *may* now make a difference.

With the HDX1s, the bottom end is just a little fuller although, perhaps, not quite as tight as with the MA4s.  Mid range may be just a fraction richer but that's getting into the territory of "could I honestly hear a difference in a blind test?"  However, for me, there is a distinct difference in the top end with the MA4s occasionally tending to being "toppy" and, overall, the HDX1s providing a "rounder" sound, but without being dull.

At the risk of a much overused and fairly nebulous word, I find the HDX1s to be slightly more "musical" than the (old) MA4s.  It can't quite put my finger on it but, for me, there's just a bit more "smile" in the music with the HDX1s (in the listening sense, not the EQ sense).  

IMO, the HDX1s (and indeed the Atlas ICs) provide a more enjoyable listen than the MA4s and, interestingly, none of the three sets of Morrows I have had (including the MA4s) have resulted in the earth shattering musical revelation one might expect if relying solely on the sales pitch(es).  Curiously, the most impressive of the three sets (IMO) was a pair of lowly MA1s (pre 2018) which did, for a while, displace some (very) old QED and Cambridge Audio ICs.

When Morrow changed the design of its cables in 2018, I was so so tempted to move up to the MA7s (with a massive discount) but, for some reason, my spidey sense went into overdrive, especially following a couple of rather underwhelming replies to product enquiries.  In light of my experiences with the Atlas and MG cables, I am relieved my sixth sense intervened and, unsurprisingly, Morrow cables are unlikely to play any further part in my hi-fi adventures.

As for the Atlas Equators, music has a fractionally softer bottom end compared to the HDX1s but, in truth, I'm not sure I'd make that difference in a blind test.  In time, I'll doubtless do a direct A/B listen (Atlas vs MG) just out of curiosity but I have no immediate desire to return to the Atlas Equators.  It may or may not be of interest that I have a pair of Mogami RCA interconnects (2497 wire) and they really didn't do it for me at all (example: the decay on all of the other cables mentioned was much more sustained and resonant than with the Mogamis).  In fairness, it *could* be the Mogami's plugs but I won't be retesting with different terminations.

To close, I found out about Mark Grant cables by chance and happened to be in the mood for a bit of web surfing.  There are a couple of old reviews relating to legacy versions of MG's current range(s) which are informative and MG also posted on a forum (artofsound) an explanation why at least three earlier models of RCA cables were replaced with just one (the HDX1).  In short, MG considers the HDX1 to be at least as good as the higher specified of the earlier cables, so the "extra" cables were discontinued.  If you want a cable fitted with a particular termination that isn't standard (or listed), I have no doubt MG will oblige if he can source the parts.

I hope the above helps more than hinder but, in any case, happy listening!
Zen D4 and D5 both are excellent. To me and my ears with my system the D5 was more neutral over the D4's. I will add D5 interconnects on the next round. Dave at ZenWave easy and a pleasure to deal with.

To my surprise the (found a used set) Nordost Frey 2’s were a tad brighter than the Zen D5’s and they are keepers.

In the end (What end??)I got Nordost Frey 2’s (in use) and a ZenWave DPS-4 Power Cable is also on order with another Zen interconnect in the future.

Didn't want to buy/burn in the Morrow's just to hear and sort it out. I'll never know.