Most aesthetic classic turntable

The Receiver and integrated amplifier heads have done it. Why don't we spin addicts do it too?
Submit your nominations for the most beautiful looking grand old ladies. Here's mine:
Of course, I am prejudiced. Mine will be delivered Monday. It will replace a MK II, which a lot of folks say is beautiful. Not me. Fascinating appearance; but not pretty.

Let's hear from all you proud parents and lusting schemers!

After selling my last TT (Michell Engineering Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference with an SME 3009 MK2 and Stanton 681EEE) 33 years ago, I just got back into vinyl. Only one TT for me, Michell Engineering GyroDec with an SME IV and a Clear Audio Maestro V2 Ebony cartridge:

Mine has a black base and simply looks and sounds beautiful. I could not be happier with my decision to get back into vinyl. Having fun with vinyl all over again.
I think the Luxman PD-444 is the most ellegant turntable, i love this design and usability (load free spindle motor design by micro seiki). Don’t know any other turntables for those who would like to use 2 tonearms. I you my LUX along with SP10mk2.
Kenwood L07D, for its style, quality, unity and consistency of design philosophy, and success in achieving its goals.

I have always been an admirer of the Michell since the 80's.

Still relavent, even with so many choices today.

If I had a Gyrodec, I could easily be entertained just watching the platter spin!

I don't think of a table from the 80's as old enough to be a "classic" 

maybe that's because i am ancient 👍

However, I think classic tables, and two come to mind- Garrard 301 and Thorens 124. Throw on an SME arm, and we are done 

my Garrard 301, with Dobbins Plinth, was a real beauty. i also had a Dobbins plinth’d SP-10 Mk2 and a Mk3.

the Garrard is to the right in this now 7 year old picture;

and the Artisan Fidelity versions of 301’s, or Thorens 124’s or the Technics SP-10 Mk2 or Mk3 are real works of art.

so i’m saying classic mechanicals, but modern ’retro’ plinths make for a classic looking, but great performing turntable.

thanks Zavato.

as much as i loved the Rockport, possibly the Garrard is the turntable i miss the most for it's joyful way (if not completely truthful way) of playing music.

Mofimadness hit it, Those are three winners; I almost bought an Oracle on looks alone.