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What are the most expensive speakers on earth. How do they compare with others near their price? Where do you buy them and listen to them?
From what I've seen from my Chinese friend's magazines, they are probably custom made by someone we've never even heard of, only available in Hong Kong. Who knows - maybe some crazy expensive stuff in Dubai, too, but that's just a WAG on my part. Just imagine the wealthiest place on earth, that's where I'm guessing you'd have to go.
As far as comparing to other speakers, from what I expereinced at 2 CES/THE shows, there is little, if any, correlatiopn between price and performance. I went into room after room of good but not fabulous sound being played by equipment of all different price points. There were a few rooms that stood out, but they were't necessarily the most expensive rooms. Sometimes, I think you're just paying for the price.
I have seen speakers in ad's for up to $300,000 and I am sure thats not half of what some may cost but I would never want to see any of them as it would just make me mad. I dont and may never think that any speaker no matter how high the cost can be vastly better or even maybe equal to some for $50K and even hald of that, it just gets a bit silly after awhile.
The most expensive that I can think of are the Kharma Grand Enigma. I believe that there is only one pair, and they were installed in an underground room (large domed ceiling) somewhere in Europe. The price was quoted as 1 million dollars. I think you can google a picture.
No such thing - there is always a bigger fool - so today's most expensive speaker on earth will be surpassed.

FWIW - room acoustics quickly become the most limiting factor for sound quality. You can't put lipstick on a pig (the most expensive speaker on earth is never going to make a bad room sound wonderful)
Polk, Finding out which is the most expensive should be a fairly simple task. If you want a challenge, try to discover which offers the most performance.
I can answer your question partially by the link to this thread:

Take a look @ these speaker system prices. You are sure going to fall off your chair! ;-)

Where can you hear them??
Well you can hear "lower-end" (if such a thing exists as even their lesser priced speaker are obnoxiously high priced!) Kharma at RMAF.
You can also find a Wilson dealer near your area & hear one of their products.
Ditto for Cabasse, Magico & Eggleston.
I have a custom design. I will offer. You sit inside the loudspeakers, this totally removes room problems, designed as a self contained, self powered outbuilding, Features all horn 7.1 system, self powered, off grid. System includes all amplifiers and sources. Sat cable,blue ray, sacd, dvda, LP, cd, hard drives, custom self biasing SET tube power amps for mains. Seating for 6, customized decor, 60in LED Hi Def TV plus 32in LCD TV. Also includes composting toilets, rain harvesting system. Green construction. If site allows design can be upgraded to power owners home. Total $2,000,000 plus tax, license fees any local taxes or permits and optional upgrades. Many options, ea will be unique to owner. Can up size to make a main residence, not a joke Ive worked this all out including costing. Was looking to build for my own use but the cost;) aarrrgghh Email kcsloudspeakers
I think I remember reading once that Wisdom Audio offered a custom system for $1,000,000.
Thanks to all! Wholly Shizit. I guess some people are willing to pay anything. I'm trying to find or listen to Ochoea (?) speakers, I think they are made in Ireland. Found the site once but not sure of spelling. Has anyone ever heard these? Thanks
Here is a link to the most expensive speakers:

I would like to see the rooms some of those speakers are being used in;seems like the room would need to be huge.
I have never heard a $50k speaker;really do wonder at that price level;what is being heard and done better than a pair of 15k speakers.
Cool list.

I am sure that the Audio Note AN-E Sogon is a wonderful sounding speaker but I cant imagine telling someone I spent 6 figures on something that looks like it could be had at a garage sale!
Topping the list is certainly the Magicorific Grand Theft Bailouts, at $700 billion and change!

Josh Stipich's speakers aren't on that list, and I'm sure, though not at the top, would be in the top 20. His site has been in limbo for a long while, but I found some pics on the industrial fabricator's site(scroll down). Anyone know why Electronluv has been in limbo for so long?
California Audio Tech Yosemite Sequoia CMBX 10.9S4466- $1,275,000!

Tomer-tsin- But then you gotta factor in the cost of a pair of the 21.5" subs:~)
The ones that your wife doesn't want you to buy - it will cost you half of the house and more.
Not in my case. My wife knows her Sister lives right around the corner and loves me.
Once you have factored in the room, supporting electronics, building/permit costs and land to build it all on, you'd end up talking some real money.
Polk432 - lucky you. My wife's sister is ugly, fat, loud, and agressive but fortunately doesn't love me.
I feel your pain. I've broken up with speakers before and have always gotten over it. The next one's always better.
Here it is: transmission audio ultimate system 2 million

While the cheapest speaker is one you can make for your Ipod. Just cut a slit into the empty cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper and stick it in
I cannot remember a case where THE most expensive audio component really sounded the best. Most often the most expensive is far, far from the best.

Now, that does not mean that the most expensive won't be reviewed as the best, that's a whole different matter, there are plenty of poor reviewers who will be influenced by having the most expensive thing sitting in front of them in their house.
Cdc, in all likelihood the Transmission Audio Ultimate system would cost about twice that much. The Megatrends alone are at least $150k.
Thanks, Cdc, I understand, but my information is much more current. Then again, anyone with a room of proper size, construction, and furnishings for the 37' wide Ultimate system probably wouldn't look at the price tag. I read elsewhere that they have orders for two of them.