Most overrated bands

What are some examples of seriously overrated bands? My candidates are

1. Led Zeppelin
2. Velvet Underground
3. U2
4. Ramones
5. The Who
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Dude I would agree with you on U2, best albums Joshua Tree, and their first album with Gloria and I will follow

but come on The WHO Pete Townsend is a musical genius, Tommy, Quadropenia?  Their early British version of American Rythem and Blues?

Led Zepplin, again, magnificent rock music, with some absolutely amazing songs. 

Rammons okay not great musicianship but hey they really created American Punk and were instrumental in crafting a type of raw musical emotion that was one part hilarity, one part social satire, and one part raw driving thrash music. Comon listen to the KKK took my baby away, Bonzo goes to Blitberg, Beat on the brat. 

Out of your entire list I would say that Velvet was pretty prentious, and they had a few great hits. 
Dare I suggest Radiohead?
No you may not!  They are brilliant.  Your brain just hasn't adapted yet.  :)
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Not sure Chicory Tip were ever rated at all, so hard for them to qualify, but Son of my Father might have caused some to imagine greatness was within :)  Agree on Led Z, Velvets, Radiohead, and I'd add the Beatles.. would not care if I never heard another song by any of them......I know, shoot me now, but I always felt the critical and fan acclaim for these acts was incomprehensible. Now, where's that Gilbert O'Sullivan album gone....
Any famous band in overrated, I can't think of any one that is not, even Pink Floyd. Some of them are good overall but not as good as their reputation suggests.
Put The Sex Pistols and Coldplay in an Ultimate Fight Match cage - guess who will win!

I dare say that the Dead Kennedys are underrated. Look at their contribution and compare it to Ramones. I would go even further and say that the DK are the greatest punk band in history.
This is likely to piss some of you off, but musical taste is just that.  No one is required to like any particular artist.

- Bruce Springsteen (I used to love him but now I can't hardly hear his music without cringing)
- Steely Dan (I still like them but can't allow myself to own any of their records)
- Dave Matthews Band (I just don't get it.  Why the cult following?)
- Phish (Same as DMB for me.  I can't hear music in there)

I think this guy is just a troll.  Either that, or he lacks an appreciation of music of the last 50 years.  Why not include Bob Dylan and the Beatles why you're at it?
I think defiant just has some bones to pick. 

Its hard for anyone to meaningfully argue any successful act with many fans over many years is overrated.   More likely just not one's cup of tea.  Ratings are pretty much about numbers not opinions.  

To the OP,

If you agree with any posters here, how does this make a difference in your life?
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+1 Slaw.....

The context of time, and the, then current events, and the mood of the people collectively, or individually  can't be arbitrarily removed to suit ones current bias's  on past and/or, the present. If you dwell in the past while shading the current, or live in the now and laugh at the past, one surely has little knowledge or respect for how all music is tied somehow and felt individually before it can be popularized collectively . I don't see it as a competition, and its that stupid outlook that led a few powerful people to stifle some very good music / musicians through out the decades .
Whoever sang, “I wanna—, I wanna—, I wanna—, I wanna—, I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig, ah.” is way overrated IMHO.
defientboomerang, that's the thing---I consider The Ramones a Pop band, not a Punk one. They're in with Weezer and other bands with Pop hooks, but Garage energy.
There is no such thing as an overrated band.  That whole concept is a mindF.  Did you listen the the music?  Did you like it/not like it? Then listen to it/don't listen to it again.  That is it.  Overrated comes from you expecting someone else like Billboard to do the work for you.  Who knew promoters and advertisers set expectations and create nostalgia?  Oh yeah everybody.  Don't worry about what other people listen to and "rate" things. 
Haven't you ever seen how stupid yelp is?

- Led Zepplin sux, when they played "Shine on you crazy diamond" I was bored and when I went to get a beer at the concession stand they were out!  1 out of 5 stars - Yelp!

- Nickelback wuz awesome in concert tonight. Best band ever! Met a girl in line and after the second song we left to back to my car! 5 out of 5 stars - Yelp!

Music is a journey - don't deprive yourself of choice and discovery of new music based on an opinion from the series of tubes telling you what is "good" and "bad".   
Music has a personal element   The reason why people connect to music varies and changes over time just as I don't have the same opinions and tastes as I did when I was 10 years old. 
Also the idea of reorganizing a list or chart that is designed to sell merchandise into another list of what not to buy just represents two sides of the same coin. Even though it feels counter to being told what is "good", it is the same exact action of telling people what to listen to.  Who are you to do that? At least you know the reason why the people making money off it tell you something is great.  You on the other hand are just there because your rating expectations were not met?  That does nothing for the music you do consider "good", limits you and limits those who read what you say.

The fact that people actually listen to rap on purpose and even attach the word music to it speaks to the almost infinite musical tastes of mankind.

overrated, underrated?  

As the singularity approaches, what will senscient beings think about the question at hand??
I thought Sigur Ros was overrated. Not bad but they were a head scratcher for me until I went to a concert. I got it from that point on. I can't really explain it as I was not high or anything. In fact the night was off to a pretty rough start and I was not really into it. I think the whole audience was transported that night to another place. 

Before listening to Los Lobos I read several professional critics saying how brilliant they were. IMO, they are ... meh. So IMO overrated.
I’m taking the above post seriously. The singularity is approaching. Most of us will experience it in our lifetime. The purposeful efforts being invested in AI by the likes of Ray Kurzweil and Elon Musk among others speaks to this eventuality.

Once the Singularity is here, how will the man/machine perceive our understanding of aesthetics, whether in music, literature, the visual arts etc.??

Orwell was wrong and Aldous Huxley was right..."It WILL BE a "Brave New World".
I welcome the arrival of singularity, it can't come fast enough. The human race is reaching its sell by date.

But in the meantime I think that whilst Radiohead are a good band - a few good songs (No Surprises, Everything In Its Right Place etc) - their albums are vastly overrated. Kid A is the only one I can bear to listen to right through, and that's because of the muted vocals.
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<kosst_emojan> The Beatles? 3 different musical phases, early, mid, and late and 4 different vocalists! That's a lot of band to not like. 

I get that pain in my ears every time an Adelle song is played. They were playing one in Asda (Walmart) last year and I would have collapsed if it wasn't for the shopping trolley.
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One of my friends will only listen to 60s jazz. He thinks all music that contain lyrics is over-rated. I vehemently disagree.
Somehow we have remained friends for five decades...

I saw and heard Bill Weir and what remains of The Dead (the two drummers) on TV last week, and omg was he awful. Can’t sing to save his life, and neither could Jerry Garcia. I kinda liked the first three Dead albums at the time of their release, but when they, like everyone else (especially Neil Young), tried to be The Band (whose first two albums raised the bar SO high, and actually changed the rules of the game)---which is exactly what Workingman’s Dead is, they failed miserably. Bill performed "Uncle John’s Band", and it was absolutely atrocious---unlistenable!
Preferences in music have to do with the listener, not the music listened to. There is only what your reflection tells you, not the projected image itself. The definition is inconstant, as it cannot be defined, only averaged.

In this place called reality, this holographic dimensional space, objectivity cannot exist, and does not, by all scientific measure. Objectivity is a subjective mindset, nothing more. Music, by that fundamental reference, is purely a subjective and personal reflection, and is never about the music itself, and only about the listener.
<tomcarr> I think Classical music (Opera included if it's in a different language) is so popular is because its near impossible to think, study or follow a line of thought whilst vocal music is being played. Non- vocal is a non intrusive pleasure - see 6 hour plus YouTube guitar music videos etc. Perfect background / subliminal music.

I find that whilst driving I prefer stations with the least speech content. Great presenters are few and far between here in the UK.

Cd318 - I would direct you to BBC 6 Music. A pure music station with some of the best and most knowledgeable presenters from around the world. Minimal chat and, as it’s BBC, no adverts. A perfect radio station that covers every genre of music.
kb54 for the win.
That said... boomerang, Are you just messing with us audiophile folk? Personally I really think you would like the bands you mention above if you used better cable or fuses. 
Worst band I ever saw was Wire Train opening for Bob Dylan.  They got tepid applause for finishing each number and a standing ovation for leaving the stage...
Just about anyone is going to suffer opening for a Dylan audience. I saw Beck try in 2001, with the to-be-expected results. He came off as a complete lightweight, a little kid playing in a man's world. I felt sorry for him, but he should have known better. The arrogance of youth?