Multi-Channel Music: SSP/PrePro with Time Delay?..

I'm looking for a SSP/PrePro that offers Time Delay adjustment for the surround channels (due to space restrictions for SL & SR). Budget is not an issue at this point. Does one exist? Thanks.
Anthem AVM20. Can adjust in feet, meters or millisecounds. Also, crosover frequency is adjustable.

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I thought that time delay was standard issue for all multichannel stuff. My Rotel 1066 has it, as does the Pioneer DV45A and Denon 2900 players that I have. However, no such adjustment is implemented for SACD. Why? Go ask Sony.
I agree, it is standard issue on every Pre/Pro I have seen. Eldart, thats curious my lowly DVP-NS900v has distance delay on every channel, SACD included. Does the newer 999ES not have this? Or Denons 2900?
Distortion...Are you sure? I had the impression that the SACD spec did not allow for this feature. It does seem that delay of the signal would be technically difficult if it is not in PCM (word) format.I will look into it some more.
Eldart, No, not 100%. I am at work at the moment. I am sure the setup allows tweaking distances, but it may have no effect when playing SACDs, I will consult the manual as soon as I can (which isnt exactly a mountain of information, BTW). The volume of the channels is certainly adjustable with SACD via the same menu. It would stand to reason that if you can adjust the volume and the distance in the same menu..... but, certain I am not.
Distortion...Check page 32 of the Denon manual. As I mentioned, there are technical reasons why SACD cannot offer the variable delay feature. (Another point for DVD-A).
Eldartford, you are exactly right. Sorry for the delay in responding, lots of goings on in my life right now. Nonetheless, I consulted the Sony manual and sure enough. In fine print, in the "notes" section it clearly states, "Distance and size settings do NOT apply to multi-channel SACD."

Good call.