My likes and Disappointments with the Pro-Ject Record Cleaning Machine

Please check out my new video where I discuss living with the Pro-Ject RCM the past year and a half. I hope you enjoy and find the info helpful




Good review. Thank you for sharing.


I hate cleaning records as well. I used a VPI for over twenty years… then it died. It applied fluid and vacuumed. But the vacuum was too loud! So, I was disappointed as it wasn’t cheap. So I got a Nessie Pro. Wow… am I glad to get rid of the VPI. It is constructed like the Pro-Jett… but bigger. It is sooooo, quiet and small (wonderfully small and elegant), and so well thought out. It automatically reverses… tells you wen to vac… and stop. And it is sooo quiet. I should have thrown away the loud obnoxious VPI years ago.

Had a VPI but so loud and the pads got dirty quickly. Got one of the new Keith Monks Prodigy machines and couldn't be happier. Plus their discovery fluid works great.

For the last 4 or 5 years I've been using an Okki
Nokki at about $500. Never had a problem with
it and it's not very loud. I like that it has a full size platter,
unlike the Pro-Ject and some others. It does a 
great job for a vacuum RCM. Like you, I don't buy
dirty records.

Sorry to hear of your experience. I also have heard good reports on Audio Intelligent cleaning fluids. But I have been using MoFi cleaner since it first came on the market under another mfg at the time.

FWIW Since purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner, the vacuum cleaner is rarely used anymore. There are some affordable ones out there if you search.

@artemus_5 I'm curious about the HumminGuru, however, it has not been around long enough to have any real longevity data. I really do not want to mess with all the Ultrasonic contraptions on Amazon, ebay. I wish Degritter was about $1000 cheaper.

@ghdprentice 20 years is really good IMO, loud or not. I've seen the Nessie's in the Music Direct Catalog


My curiosity was too great  NOT to try one, especially at the price I paid for it. The hardware alone was worth the price. I considered a DIY one. But when I started to try to find proper parts I could see that I was spending a LOT of effort just on finding what I needed and often ran into dead ends. . Even IF i have to replace the US cleaner itself and the motor which spins the records, I come out way ahead of anything else I have seen. Those are the only parts which which may need replacement at some point. BTW, the rack which holds the motor and records is made of 3/8 " aluminum, NOT plastic which the $5-700 ones have .

The negatives are that you need to go to the Hdwe store and get a grub screw to replace the Flathead screw which is used to fasten the extension  rod onto the motor. This is the rod which goes through the records That was $0.40. Also the first power supply had the wrong size plug for the motor. They replaced it. I've had it for 6 mos now with no problem. If your curiosity gets the best of you, PM me.