My speakers have gone AWOL

My system which has been a work in progress over the past 3 years has gone from good,  to great to simply fantastic.  However now with the addition of a PS Audio PP15 and PP12 the separation of instruments sound stage and depth is totally indescribable.  My speakers have pretty much gone AWOL. 90% of the music is from the back wall from side to side,  top to bottom. I think I'm done for now 😌 😅.  You can see my system in my details. Thanks Paul. 


Congratulations Paul I thought this was going to be another non-delivery screed nice to see a happy post!

Congratulation, I know the feeling when basically the walls become your speakers. I think the ceiling treatments/panels are key to get that result, nice job!

Beautiful system. If you put some good isolation devices under those speakers you will really see an improved disappearing act.

@jond , LMAO.  I was giving a shout out to Paul M@psaudio . I have 7 of his products between 2 systems.

If they're gone for too long, they may get all types of involuntary separation and dishonorable discharges, sir!

Congratulations. It is great when dilegence and hard work pay off. Beautiful system in a great looking room.

Todd let me also add awesome system/room! Those Tannoys are droolworthy sir.

You’ve reached that place we all are searching for….enjoy and congratulations!


I’ve been toying with taking a drive to PS Audio for years, maybe this will be the kick in the behind I needed.