Nagaoka CL-152 Record Cleaner?

Just wondering if anybody has used this? It's basically the same gel type substance as the Zerodust stylus cleaner, but on a roller.
I used to have a Nagaoka roller (it may still be hanging around somewhere) but found that it really didn't do much. My gut feeling was that it simply moved the dirt around rather than removing it.
I have one. It certainly doesn't just move the dust around for me, it's quite sticky. It removes the line of dust left behind by a CF brush very effectively.

OTOH it does leave a slight but visible film that's clearly visible in the dead wax. Therefore, I normally only use it to remove dust before cleaning the LP on my RCM. I rarely used it before playing a cleaned record, and then always with very light pressure.
Its one of the Best Cleaners in terms of cost performance.

Check out tedsrecords the guy sells them for avery reasonable price.
Doug Deacon says, "it does leave a slight but visible film that's clearly visible in the dead wax"

A visible film? Nope, not for me.
I have found this cleaner to be an OK first step if you have a particularly grimy record. For older flea market type records I use mine in coordination with my Nitty Gritty 1.5, and it world wuite well. It removes some of the "fugliest" substances, though it does seem to leave a film. Hence my recommendation that it be used with a vacuum equipped cleaner, similar to the Allsop Orbitrac.
Doug, I'm shocked that you'd raise your thumb to something that "left a film"! :-O Think I'd rather use a Discwasher or LAST brush with a little RRL fluid or even distilled water as a precursor to RCM'ing before using something like that.

One thing about those "film leavers". Who's to say you've removed all the film? Just cause you can no long see it, don't mean it's gone. Based solely on that, I'm not sure I'd risk using it, at all. Of course, I've been lambasted for being conservative with respect to record cleaners before. As always, to each their own.
That's why I really only use it on truly filthy second hand records. The kind you'd even be reluctant to soil your RCM with.

Sorry if I didn't make that clear. I certainly didn't intend my post to be a strong "thumbs up", just a list of the pluses and minuses of the thing.

I can not believe that you would recommend that thing. Why not just use a lint roller form Target? You know damn well that Paul's stuff, aka AIVS (I still think Paul's Stuff is a better name!!) will take any shit off any album. Leaving the enzymatic solution on for a couple of minutes solves all of these problems. Then a round of vinyl wash takes care of the rest.

Shame on you!!!
Um, where in my two posts on this thread did I "recommend" the thing? All I've done is describe what it does, both good and bad. If you want a recommendation, read my posts on the ZYX UNIverse. It leaves no film on the music.

Good suggestion on the lint roller though. They are very similar and I expect Target's price is alot better. ;-)

I'm afraid we disagree on the merits of that "stuff", but that's neither here nor there. No liquid solution does the one thing the lint roller is good at, removing the line of fluff raised by a CF/Hunt brushing of a filthy record BEFORE it goes on the RCM. If you don't remove that junk somehow it will just contaminate your brushes and felts faster. I normally use a blast of canned air. The sticky roller is reserved for true hardship cases, as I said before.

My bad. Too much single malt & too loud music! If I could wipe that post I would.

I misread. BTW, I never thought of using it first (I have now read and understood your point!). It seems that it would take some of the wear away from the brushes and pickup tube. I'm going to give it a shot on some grungy lp's I picked up over the weekend and see how it works.

I guess I can't knock it until I give it a shot. After all, I did buy the thing, I just never used it because I thought it would leave too much residue.
Single malt? Did someone say single malt?

It's after noon and I haven't had my first glass today. Must... stop... this... slacking...
As for the line of microdust left by the Hunt - I use a slightly wet Discwasher with a quick roll motion to remove that small line. Gets almost all of it, then I repeat the Hunt/Discwasher process again. I thought maybe the Nagaoka would be faster and easier than the wet Discwasher, but if there's a residue I'll skip it.

HERESY! - As for grimy thrift store/ yard sale records - Don't Worry Be Happy. Tap water, oil-free dishsoap, and a DiskDoctor pad works great - then dry with a soft old tee shirt. Final rinse with distilled water. Sounds fine.