Name this wonderful system



Just took a listen to system on YT now. My oh my, this one is quite special. For bookshelf speakers the results are even more impressive given their size. The creator of the video on YT did not provide any details on the system specifics. 

From looking at the snapshot of the pic taken from YT, what do you all reckon are the speakers , the preamp/amp and DAC/streamer?

I have reached out to the person who uploaded the video for info, however they seem pretty close lipped and mentioned they have many systems so hard to know for certain. 



I don’t listen to music on YouTube, but the system is B&W N805s with Accuphase electronics.  

I suspect that audio is being generated by pictured system. If you pay close attention to the picture, it’s virtually ‘staged’. As far as system goes, the speakers are B&W 805 and electronics appears to be Accuphase Integrated and CD player. 

I guessed the same myself vis a vis the speakers. Although, if one looks carefully at the speaker design, leaving out the trademark B&W tweeter horn, there is a more squarish look overall compared to the rounded edges of the 805. Probably some photo editing going on. Accuphase looks about right for the amp/cd player, even with the Luxman like first impressions.

Regardless, 2/2 for the 805’s is not a bad return. Suffice to say the 805 is joining the ME1 and YG Tor on my shortlist of bookshelf speakers for the near future.

much thanks for the input soix and Lalitk

Very nice clean looking system. I will not judge a systems sound quality based upon YouTube sound.


I have yet to hear anything as incredible as TAD ME1. They remain my #1 choice for a ultimate bookshelf speaker system. 

I'm always impressed by people who can judge the sound of a system by listening to a recording of the system on their system.  I won't say how I'm impressed, but I'm impressed.

Re : Judging sound on Youtube. I oft think if the sound is even remotely impressive on limited available kbps, imagine what it would sound like in real time. The same can not be said about Amazon Ultra HD , providing more than 2x the kbps than even CD quality sound. In of itself , a major leap forward for digital music streaming. 


The ME1 are quite the package, both optically and sonically on the summit of top bookshelf speakers. Did not think much of them upon first listen, then with time their sheer quality came front and center. Looking at a possible ME1/Aesthetix Mimas combo. Now , will have to set aside some time for an audition of the 805/Accuphase pairing. 

The only connection between the music heard and the image seen is that someone decided to marry up the two for a youtube video.  Is the Accuphase integrated even turned on???

Re : the Accuphase amp turned on ?..........I thought the same myself , just wonder if they turned off the display for lighting purposes. After all, there is a display mode button the front panel of the Accuphase E280, which seems to match the amp from the YT channel pic.


I highly suspect the sound is straight out of the speakers / system. In order to achieve soundstange width / depth and the instrument separation in recording of this quality, you will need to place highly sensitive microphones (shot gun preferrably) 2-3 feet in front of the speakers, which we do not see at all... On a flip side, the YT music SQ is getting better and better. Several credible youtubers have commented similar. The titles are even more available than some music servers like Tidal.


The pic itself appears static and as someone else mentioned virtually staged. It would be quite the shame and rather misleading to have another system perform the music all the same.

In terms of YT Premium Music, not the same as music videos watched in Youtube Premium, the SQ is significantly improved. For a more spectacular display of how much music streaming has become in recent years, check out Amazon Ultra HD. Once you listen to this service or similar with the 3200 kpbs streaming speed, there is no going back. Quite amazing and only $10-$12 per month


"I'm always impressed by people who can judge the sound of a system by listening to a recording of the system on their system.  I won't say how I'm impressed, but I'm impressed."

I have always been equally impressed by people who can judge the clarity of the

latest, most advanced, highest resolution TV by seeing a video of it on their current TV.


It is no more than an introduction to the SQ available and nothing more. Even then, some others seem to discern differences in audio systems ,however slight they may be , in this case through YT, with a good degree of accuracy. 

OP, you should get to know Qobuz rather than messing with YouTube or Amazon.  Just sayin’.  Do a free trial. 

After some research , it now appears that the guy posting these videos is inaccurately posting edited and virtually staged pics of audiophile systems, alongside the native recording of the music tracks. In doing, making a false association between the audio setups & the music performances. He even has an email account listed in the bio section for paypal purposes. Alas, some people will think of most any way to make a buck.