Need emergency help please!

So I have these boss mc420b cheap speakers from amazon for my motorcycle. They are wired in and bluetooth compatible. I have had them for 2 months and all of a sudden they stopped working. When I turn on my bike the speakers make a sound as well as a sound when the bluetooth connects. So I know it is not the speakers themselves but when I play music from spotify or youtube or mp3 files no sound comes out of the speakers at all. The volume on my phone is all the way up as is the little volume knob on the speakers. So speakers have power and are capable of making sound and the bluetooth is connected.. why am I getting no sound please help
You need to pair your phone with a different set of speakers and eliminate the phone as the problem.
The phone says it is paired with the speakers? 
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Even though you are hearing a sound when the bluetooth connects perhaps the connection is not working. Have you rebooted the phone? Sometimes turning bluetooth off and then back on can make a difference as it creates a new connection.

List the things you've tried.
Have you tried elevating your cables or adding some acoustic panels?  Where in the room is the motorcycle placed?  Are you able to move it around a bit?
Reboot the phone, go into the blue tooth setting in your phone and forget the device. Then re-pair everything and see how it goes. 
I have rebooted my phone updated it forgot the device and tried again. My phone is connected and it makes a specific sound when it successfully connects. I've reset the speakers by unplugging them. My phone also connects just fine to my other devices.
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Back when cars first had OBD1 to "manage" things, strange things started to happen and some cars wouldn't run right no matter what they tried. It took some guys to figure out that the spark plug wiring wasn't sufficiently shielded and it messed with the OBD1 computer. 

It could be that the wiring in your bike is messing with the bluetooth enough to interfere. Maybe some more robust spark plug wiring is in order. A bike dealer or mechanic should know if this happens.

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Have you tried calling the speaker company for help or the dealer you purchased the speakers from?
Make sure in the Bluetooth setting in your phone is set to output both media audio and phone audio.  I had this messed up once and phone calls worked great but Tidal didn’t.  
OP said it was an emergency, so there's no point in my posting any advice now.
Dude! Wrong forum… but since you are here, you need to unpaid (forget on some divides), and then re-pair. 
PS maybe just enjoy the ride without distractions? ($0.05 worth)
One thing I always see on motorcycles is the music playing loud to keep up with the noise from the bike. What if you blew the amp or speakers? You might be connected but nothing is coming out due to blown drivers or over cooked amp. I just thought I would bring it up. 
You stated it correctly " I have these Boss cheap speakers".  That says it all.  There a lot of quality speakers/amps/connectivity devices on the market today that are specifically engineered for motorcycles and side-by-side vehicles.  Get to a high quality mobile electronics retailer (AKA a car audio dealer) and inquire about some of the quality options.  Great brands such as Alpine, JL Audio, and Rockford Fosgate have a variety of offerings that will bring your riding/listening pleasure to a much higher level.  Do a little research to seek out a quality dealer.  Typically any dealer who carries these brands will be good, but there are definitely some that are superior to others.  I worked in the 12 Volt industry for 35 years and my advice is solid.  Good luck to you.
There is an amp module with this unit. As well as a volume control. I’m guessing the separate volume control is off. I’m just guessing because I’m not looking at your bike. I put one of these on one of my wife’s motorcycles. Hers works as advertised. 
If I gambled, at least from the info provided, I would put my money on a blown amp.  My boy bought me a MegaBoom (III, I think) for my bike.  It does really well on jazz, and rocks enough, especially for a single, small driver.  The are about $ Best Buy.  Get the optional charger it sits on.  I mounted it with velcro straps fro easy removal.  I use mostly XM, plus some Pandora, with an old iPhone.