Need RCA loading plugs

I have an Einstein Phono pre amp that uses RCA plugs to provide different loading options for MC cartridges. I need some help finding someone who can make 4 sets of plugs with different ohm loads. I understand it is not difficult but I have no experience. Thank you in advance for your help. Steve Gunther
So what you do Steve is buy 4 sets of good quality RCA plugs and 4 pairs of resistors in whatever values you want to try. Actually if it was me I would just buy one pair of RCA because its a whole lot easier to spend $50 on one really good set than $200 on 4. But whatever.

At the same time you buy several different value resistors. 

Then you simply solder the resistors into the plugs. This could hardly be any easier. I mean you got a resistor with two ends, you got a plug with two ends. Do I have to draw you a picture???

If you have to buy a soldering station, flux, and solder, then buy a soldering station, flux, and solder. Use it once, be a man. Not a helpless mouse running to a real man every time he needs even the simplest thing done.

Geez Louise. Just do it. 

Now don't you feel silly even asking that question? Herron Audio uses this type of loading , you might drop them a request.
I would think DB Systems would be happy to make you a set.  Old school website but I bought something similar from them and am very happy with it. 
And, yes, I still feel secure in my masculinity!
DB Systems +1. Also, try Michael Percy Audio.

Millercarbon, I’m sorry for whatever happened to you to cause you to think that your response was anything but idiotic and downright mean spirited.  Grow up, man(?) !
Thank you gentlemen for your positive and helpful responses. I have sent an email to Michael Percy Audio. They seem like the best fit for what I need. I will do a follow up post once I have gotten the plugs so that others will have the information if they need it.  

I'd be more than happy to make you a set or two, just send me the RCA plugs and whatever resistors you want and I'll solder them and send you them back. We make them for our customers all the time for this is how the NVO phono units load for MC's as well.
Just send me a PM.
Now don't you feel silly even asking that question? Herron Audio uses this type of loading , you might drop them a request.

Right. Herron sends an assortment of RCA loading connectors along with every phono stage. Keith did listening tests and likes the sound of the particular connectors and resistors he uses. Other than that however they are perfectly ordinary RCA connectors. Open one up, you got two pins with a resistor soldered in between them. That's it.

Its a loading resistor. What else could there possibly be?



Sorry if some are triggered. There's a saying, "This is gonna be a stupid question." Which sometimes is in fact followed by a stupid question.

Triggered? Go sit somewhere quiet and dark and hug your blanky till the bad feelings go away. Or, better yet, grow a pair and grow up.
PS: I should add we will not charge you for this and we will include return shipping if within the USA. 
@imhififan made a great suggestion with that uber cheap rca with screw terminals....if only to experiment with!
Buy that and the resistors. (Or if you want to dive deeper into the rabbit hole several different types/brands of resistors.

Experiment away and make a short list of what you want.

Get those made up on a better plug.
Have you tried it without loading? I have a JLTi which I run without loading plugs. It runs a Zyx 4D LOMC very nicely at 47K .It also ran a Benz Ebony L without loading. If your preamp is stable enough it may run without the loading. But you won't know til you try it.
Steve, Does your Einstein provide two pairs of phono inputs that are in parallel with each other, electrically?  That's the only case for which the simple solution offered here would work, simply.  Otherwise, you would have to piggy back one RCA plug loaded with the desired resistor into another that receives the signal from your phono cartridge, or use some sort of Y-adapter.  Still doable but maybe not so simple.  In addition, there is the possible signal degradation associated with using so many connectors in the signal path, a bugaboo of those afflicted with audiophilia nervosa.  I would solder the load resistor directly into the circuit, inside the box.  And maybe that does take some chutzpah.
Thanks everyone for you help. I recently purchase a Haniwa cartridge here on audiogon which has .8 Ohms internal impedance.
I have tried it with my 150 Ohm loading plugs and it sound excellent except the highs need a little more dampening. Lewm the two pairs of inputs are wired in parallel on the Einstein. 
Assuming you are referring to the Haniwa HCTR01, I note that the Haniwa phono stage that is recommended for use with it has an input impedance of only 4 ohms (!), undoubtedly as a consequence of the ultra-low resistance and ultra-low inductance of that cartridge. And it is indicated that tracking force can be significantly reduced when that loading is applied. So load resistors having values in that vicinity should presumably be among those you try.

As Ralph of Atma-Sphere has explained in various threads here, and as alluded to above by Artemus_5, the design of the specific phono stage that is being used, and how gracefully it is able to handle RF frequencies, is usually the major determinant of what loading value is optimal for an LOMC. But I suspect that the uniquely low values of inductance and resistance of this cartridge, together with the mechanical aspects of its design, are likely to result in it being an exception to that general rule.

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al


I've got an omtec cp-1 phono preamp and have to make myself a few rca loading plus for my dynavector mc (xx2 mkii) and have sent a mail to a firm in Germany who sell resistors..
They don't really get what I want and want me to tell them the loading capacity: from 10-100 ohms is what I want to try out, maybe a bit higher.. 
They also want me to tell them how many volts and what not these resistors should have.. they stunt me the following info and link :

Line 1 : We do not have these resistors in value of 80 and 90. I have filtered as much as possible according to customer's info.

We are unable to filter more as we don't know the tolerance need, the voltage rating and the power.


Please have the customer to review following in order to filter himself with his needs :

From what I have read on the net, a lot of people don't like/recommend carbon resistors, but metal foils.

Could you tell me what they want to know?

Any help would be nice, as I can't use the unit without these loading resistors ( the seller needed then for his new preamp and I had no direct contact with him...)

Thanks a bunch in advance



The best Audio Resistors are here directy from the manufacturer (Texas Components). Any value available. Look for Naked Foil or Z-Foil type.