New category for trades?

I was thinking that I would love to trade my Denon AVR-5700 for a good pre-pro, but Audiogon doesn't have a "Trade" category. This way neither trader loses value.Good idea?
Good idea but how are you going protect traders from the possibility of getting scammed like we have seen recently?
Another excellent proposition by another one of Agon's finest. Don't know how many trades would occur because of it, but it would be fun to try just to see. And I'm sure Agon wouldn't mind creating it, I mean, what are they doing anyway, besides sitting around banning people and deleting posts--probably nothing. :-P
I know there would be difficulties with protection and scams, but maybe we can all figure out a good work around. Open to all suggestions.
Sounds like a great idea to me. Inevitably, I'm trying to sell my current piece in the hope that my sale will finalize and I'll have all my funds to buy the new one. When I buy it's usually from someone going to the next level so it might be difficult to move up in a component line or area if you're trying to arrange a trade. Not too many people trade down, but it does happen occasionally. Who knows, if we at least don't attempt to try something different, who's to say what's possible. As any other transaction here on Audiogon requires honesty and integrity, so too will trading equipment. I'll be a player if you'all can make it come to fruition.
Trading might be workable between two 'certified' members (if that idea ever gets off the ground). Otherwise, unless both parties have accumulated a reasonable quantity of verifiable feedback, I'd be very hesitant to try something like that in light of recent multiple scammers surfacing here. Used to be you could trust just about any member here, but obviously those days are gone..
Might best be first tried locally in metro areas where both items can be auditioned. I personally have bought only in local D.C. area using geenbacks, and probably will sell only the same way.
Locally is a good beginning. I have sold many things in the Greater New York area, including Connecticut, New Jersey,Long island and Upstate N.Y. (Almost sounds like the Billy Joel song). Surely there must be some ways that a trade can be worked out long distance. Perhaps Audiogon might step up to the plate here and offer some input.
Some type of Escorow 3 rd party.Would work.It would add a little to the cost but its worth the security.
I will gladly trade my soul to anyone who can offer in return the steady knowledge of when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em, when to...
seriously, though, trades are a great idea, and the 3rd party / escrow thing works just as well for that as it does for any other transaction (i.e. a pain in either case, but probably worthwhile).
Sounds like a great idea. As to the third party escrow thing, i volunteer. Just send me all of the gear that you want to trade, i'll inspect it and listen to it for a few days and then forward it onto the other party. While this will save some people from getting ripped off, it sure will cut down my budget in terms of actually having to buy gear to check it out : ) Sean
Excellent idea. Maybe this will motivate me to move some of the large boxes (extra speakers) out of the bedroom. I'm sure that my wife would be happy if I traded big boxes for smaller boxes. Count me in.
Glad to see so many in agreement. I too am all for this as most of my gear was through the trade format. OK Agon let's get this party started.
Ucmgr, you make a good point about most people wanting to trade up, but there are many scenarios where trading can be a better option. Sample situation: AG member wants to upgrade his (or her) pre-pro, but will get only $1100. for it, and it cost $2500. Trader also wants a good A/V receiver for second system sooner or later. Decides to trade the pre-pro for an equal value A/V receiver now, and buys a new pre-pro for the main system, getting an A/V receiver worth twice as much as it would have cost new and retail. I'm off for the weekend and look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with when I get back. Stay cool. Martin
There are many such possibilities, especially, as bmpnyc points out, when someone has multiple systems. I, for instance, just upgraded to a much better cd/dvd transport, and now have relatively cheaper cd and dvd players I don't need. I bet someone who wants to start a secondary system has some good cable they aren't using that I now need.
I was just thinking more thoroughly after my first post yesterday. You'all are correct in the notion that as we trade up, many of us have other systems in the household that could stand an upgrade from time to time. I, myself, have accumulated odds and ends in cables, interconnects, tuners, receivers, and other "stuff" that does nothing but collect dust in some closet or cubbyhole. Most of the items are in excellent condition and would probably be put to much better use by someone else. I'm almost ashamed to admit how wasteful I am. Maybe the trade concept will get some of us to recycle our equipment and swap for something new and different that we'll put to good use. Let's give it a shot!
Hi everyone, thanks for all the input and ideas. It seems that there is an overwhelming consensus this could be worth trying. I'll wait a day or so, and see if Audiogon responds, otherwise I'll try emailing them direct. It's getting hot here in NYC, gotta go turn up the AC, (as in air conditioner).