New Focal Aria Evo line

Anybody had a chance to listen to these speakers yet?


I have not, but Focal cycles their models frequently with tiny or no changes. Check Music Direct or Audio Advisor for steep discounts on the "old" models.

Erikwe are a focal dealer and that is completely wrong focal makes major improvements with each line revision. 

The evo uses new tweeter and midrange technology

The redesign is an attempt to bring the Aria series closer to the kantas whilst still being more affordable 

The evo is getting raves from the reviewers who have heard them





It looks like they certainly made changes to the tweeter and the area surrounding it and some kinda of damping refinement on the midrange driver (taken from the Kanta series) . I certainly like the moss green color availability. 😎

@audiotroy ,


they may make them different but doesn’t necessarily make it an improvement. They just voice it slightly or very differently. For my taste the chorus W line is mo betta than the Aria. I’ve owned both and much prefer the older Ws.