new interconnects

Hi, Looking to get a pair of XLR interconnects to connect BAT preamp to an Ayre cd player. I've thought cardas golden presence but really like the improvement that the straightwire crescendo brought to my amp speaker connection. Is it time for me to try out the Kimber KCAG? By the way I'm running canare balanced cables to the amp for now and have the straightwire rhapsody rca's for source.

Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated

If you live in the USA I'd suggest you try some different cables in your system. Frankly the only opinion that truly matters is yours. Only way to form an educated opinion is to listen to the cables in your room, with your gear,and your ears. Give The Cable Company a call
I"m using an all Ayre system with Vandersteen 5A's. I am very happy with Anti-Cables after trying lots of others. Cardas was the worst.
In mine Cardas has been the best speaker cables, anti cable the worst. All midrange, impressive until you notice what is missing. If you want anti just buy magnet wire, it is the same thing and costs 55 cents a foot.
thanks Stanwal, Getting a better balanced sound would be the ideal achievement concerning a cable change. I know that the perfect compliment is out there and its not the extremely esoteric stuff like the crescendo spkr wires I own.
"Getting a better balanced sound would be the ideal achievement concerning a cable change"

You may check out the VDH "Inspiration" Speak. cable together with VDH "Mountain" Interconnect

Time to visit Monoprice, great sounding cables, reasonable prices.
I did that and were very happy at the begining of the hobby. I thought Agoners here were punch of lossers with lots of cash to burn. They want pretty cables and thickass water hoses cords to show off with friends and relative.

But,(sadly), as I move up in gears and cables/ cords, I quickly realize that Monoprice and BlueJeans are just for ... humm how should I say this? Well, let's say that I'm very happy that I have made the move to engage to the high end audio world.
Behind all the crazy markupting, I must admit there are science behind it. W/O them I would still seating here tapping my feet with my Monoprice's and BlueJean's
Hi,for me between cd player and pre,magnan signature are me down to the ground,there are cables around that do better bass.For me it all happens in the mid range,magnan the timing and precision are the best I have heard,they wont thin out your cd collection like some high end cable will do.Apart from hearing my cd collection all over again,some of your music will blow you away how good it really is.I use taralabs the one between pre and amp,which is the bench mark for me in this position.