Upgrading interconnects

Over the past month I have been reading various reviews and forum posting concerning RCA interconnects. First my system: Denon AVR-4311CI being used in pre-amp mode. Wyred 4 sound ST-1000MKII used to power my two front speakers. Emotiva XPA-3 used to power my center and rear speakers. Speakers Mirage OMD-28’s for the front, center Mirage OMD-C2, and rears Mirage OMDR’s. I am using an Emotiva ERC-2 CD player. Since I am looking at improving my 2 channel listening I will not list the rest of my audio components unless needed. I am using Monster M2.4 bi-wire speaker cable for my OMD-28’s. I am using an Emotiva digital coxial cable to connect the ECR-2 to the Denon 4311. The Denon 4311 is connected to ST-1000MKII using Zu Audio Wlyde RCA interconnects.
I have been reading about various different RCA interconnects and I am considering the following below: All interconnects are 1 meter in length for the prices I quoted.
Luminous audio Synchestra reference: 479.00 (on sale 407.15)
Crimson music links: $360.00
Grover Huffman: $200.00
Cabledyne reference silver: $450
Audio Art IC-3SE: $420.00
Morrow: MA3 with Eichaman silver RCA: $397.00 (sale $277.90). MA4 with Eichman silver RCA: $527.00 (sale $368.90)
Signal Cable Silver resolution with Neutrik ProFi RCA: $139.00
I would like to keep the price around $300.00 for a set of interconnects with not spending more than $500.00. Also I am going to be adding a DAC (looking at the Wyred 4 sound DAC-2) in the future since I have an extensive iTunes account. Presently I am connecting my PC (Soundblaster X-FI sound card) via a toslink optical cable (monoprice cable) to my Denon 4311. I am thinking about connection my ERC-2 via RCA interconnects or should I just leave the ERC-2 connected to Denon with the digital coxial cable. So I am looking at purchasing two sets. One set to connect the Denon 4311 to the Wyred 4 sound amp and the second set for the DAC I will be buying in the upcoming months. Please let me know if I am on the right track. The end result is to increase the sound quality in my 2 channel listening.
Check to see if Darwin still has their basic silver ICs.

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You have a good list of high value cable suppliers (IMO).
Consider adding Clear Day & Stager Silver Solids to the list.
Both have generous in-house audition provisions and money back returns.

Check out The Cable Co. and also their Used Cable branch. They have a loaner library (10% charge, as I recall, that can be applied to purchase).

I just got used 2M Morrow MA-1 ICs for pre-to-amp. Sounded better than the very nice DIY IC I had been running. No experience with Clear Day ICs but his double shotgun speaker cable was transformational in my all tube system.

Good luck in your search.
"The Grover Huffman cables are really very good."

+1...Highly recommended!
It sounds like your "weakest link" at the moment is the pre-amp section of your receiver. Upgrading the cables for 2 channel music use might not do as much as upgrading to an affordable, simple pre-amp such as a good LDR or passive. After that, a good DAC, then work on the cables.
Please let me know if I am on the right track. The end result is to increase the sound quality in my 2 channel listening.
IMHO, for a significant sound quality increase in 2 channel listening, you should be looking for a 2 channel preamp with HT bypass to eliminate using the AVR as the preamp for 2 channel. This has been discussed many times on this forum, and the ones that added the preamp respond with comments like, "Wow! the speakers came to life."

I not saying to forget about cables, but just that they should be secondary. Improvements from cables will be small compared to what you will get from a dedicated 2 channel preamp.
I'd agree with Bigshutterbug and Tls49, if you want the biggest return on the dollar to increase resolution in your two channel listening, upgrade the preamp first. A good preamp can transform the sound of your system. I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't hear too much difference between any of your wire candidates with the Denon. That said, I've used both the Luminous Synchestra and the Signal Cable Resolution, both with Eichmann RCA connectors. The Signal Cable is good, even excellent for the price. However, the Synchestra Reference is on a higher level of nuanced resolution (if the rest of your system is up to the task of allowing you to hear the differences.) I've got my entire system wired with Synchestra References and have no urge to upgrade.
Well - I'm currently running the KLE Innovations Essence gZero6 IC's and find they extremely good on both the DAC and analogue side

Dynamic, articulate spacious and very detailed.

For a little less there is the Essence gZero3 - which I've also tried and found to be significantly better than many more well known brands, but not quite as spacious and dynamic

Granted, KLEI are new kids on the block, but their products work extremely well and are priced very competitively right now.

Both cables provide a significantly deeper bass - not to be confused with more bass - and it is extremely well controlled

I have compared them with high end IC's from Kimber and the gzero3 & 6 sounded more detailed, dynamic and more articulate while being significantly blacker.

Hope that helps
I appreciate everyone's feedback. Looks like I will start my research looking at preamps. I would like to stay with a HT bypass, are there any recommendations in the $1500 to $3000 category? Thanks in advance.
After a short research I may consider adding the Emotiva XSP-1 or Wyred 4 sound STP-SE preamp to my system.
I was in a similar situation and I purchased a Conrad Johnson ET3 SE which has home theater bypass and it was a huge improvement.
I purchased it here on Audiogon.
I have some demo KLEI Copper Harmony RCAs with Mogami 2549 for sale if anyone is interested. PM me if you are interested - I have 100% positive feedback here, on usaudiomart and ebay...
In that price range you should seriously consider bidding on one of the Gabriel Gold Reflection auctions here on Audiogon.
Take a look at the KLE Innovations cables.

I've tried most of their cables and all of their RCA's and I haven't found anything that can compete, especially at the price.

I compared the gZero3 with a silver Kimber Kable XLR on a 50k system, and the gZero walked away the clear winner - in all repsects - especially the price $475 vs $1200 for the Kimber.

They perfrom extremely well on my modestly priced ($15k) system - elevating it's performance to a very high level

I have their latest gZero20 and it's pretty amazing, but then it should be for $1999 Aussie dollars.

The gZero3 are more dynamic, articulate, spacious and detailed with a clarity that will amaze, i.e. when compared to most other IC's in this price range.

If you are into looks - these cables are quite simply - very plain

I'm more performance oriented, so I don't care, because they perform.

Resale value? - still quite an unknown commodity - but then if they work as well as I've stated above - you won't be selling them :-)