New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)

Here is some info on the new MOFI/Jones speaker:



@prof Thanks for the followup. I and (I'm sure) others here would like to know how your second listening sessions goes as it will most likely have different gear and room boundaries to consider. 

What you said about positioning mirrors what Stever McCormack said: it's kind of chameleon like in how it can sound depending on how they're aimed. In the Steve Huff video review he wrote them off until he tried some different gear and then he heard what they're capable of, and kept them. 

I'm perfectly fine with their imposing looks as they're practically the same size as my JBL 4319 "monitors" and love the big, effortless sound they can put out, at most volumes. 

Sounds like I'm convincing myself, again. An old habit I'm very familiar with.😄

All the best,

I actually had the vibe that the SP10s might be a speaker I’d like to own...along with ones I already own. In fact that was one motivation for listening to them, not out of dissatisfaction with my speakers (Thiel 2.7 and Joseph Audio Perspectives) but, because I like having different sounds available. Among the many speakers I’ve auditioned the SP10s had a promise of being a sound I might quite like as a second system. I wondered how they would sound with my CJ Premier 12 tube monoblocks. The main thing that would give me pause is the bass response I heard from the SP10s, at least in that room, really did border on being able to overwhelm the room. My sense is they will appreciate the grip of a solid state amp. But...who knows? (One of my favorite amps/speaker combos was my old Eico HF 81 14W tube amp with my MBL 121 Radialstrahlers!)

Once I saw them in person I pretty much wrote them off as a permanent speaker for my use.  In my room they would not fit well aesthetically, so they would definitely be a "put them in to the system sometimes" kind of thing. 


Prof- Thanks for the well considered review of the SP10. 
I am impressed it seemed they did well even in comparison with the 22k B&W 803 D4. I would guess with sorting out the synergy and room interactions the SP 10 really could show good value at the 3700 price point. 


The stands that may work with this speaker is the RAB Audio ProRak SDM100 Which has a 14" by 18" top plate