New Pressing Plant in MN


This is from their website. Not sure what to make of it as far as pops and clicks being normal.

Test Pressings

Test pressings are only used to catch any possible defects during the plating process. You should listen for things like skips, pops, locked grooves that cause repeats or excessive distortion.

Please listen to your test pressings on a quality turntable. Quiet pops and clicks are normal. Loud ones are not.

Vinyl is meant to be dynamic – not “loud”. You should not expect your vinyl test pressings to be as loud as your digital files or CDs.


Press It To VINYL

Somebody close to Michael needs to tell him to stay away from political meanderings. You lose 1/2 the market. Mike, you get to express yourself with your vote. Frankly, when people have trouble feeding their families and filling their cars with gas all that woke stuff goes away. Young politicians are now, like back in the 70s, going to learn what "Its the economy stupid," means

First the muscle cars come back. Now a vinyl resurgence. What next? Interesting times. Maybe too interesting.