New TV With an Unknown Audio Out Jack?

I have an older Zvox tv base sound bar only has coaxial RCA & Toslink optical digital inputs. I would like to use it with a new 2023 TV however the TV only has an one that I think I can use. It is the one to the left, square with a star hole. Is that a Mini-Toslink output jack?




I can't think of another type of connection that could be other than toss link.

Strange that it doesn't have a cover though.

There are cheap converters that you can buy that will convert HDMI to RCA though.  

"There are cheap converters that you can buy that will convert HDMI to RCA though."

- Ok thanks, I'll look into that, still would like to know what that jack really is.

You don’t have a toss link cable laying around to see if it fits, or the manual or model # of the new TV to see what type it is?


Did your TV come with a manual? Can you access one for your particular model?  That hole looks like an optical output but weird that it doesn’t have a cover.  If it is a digital output you usually need to select that as the output in the TV audio menu.

The tv doesn't get delivered until Saturday and I want to have the correct cable. I do have a standard Toslink cable with the same termination at both ends. The new tv optical output does not have the same input jack that the Zvox has (standard Toslink). The new tv owner's manual only mentions an optical audio output but not the type. There is a different type of male connector called a Mini-Toslink, very similar to a 1/8" head phone plug.  Mini-Toslink

Are you sure that's not a dummy plug in there? Did you try to pull that piece out?

Seems to me you will need a standard toslink connector on one end and a mini on the other.  They aren’t very expensive and you may be able to find one locally or last resort order one online.  Also, the TV might possibly come with one or an adapter.

I found out from someone at the AV Forum that it is a newer version of a standard Toslink that allows insertion from 4 angles instead of just one as the old ones do giving more flexibility for different cable routes. Thanks all for your input on this!

It is toslink out to your ZVOX in. LG all have that option so to send to an outboard device. 

It turns out this is a standard Toslink panel connector that can be used in 4 different directions. All hooked up and works fine. Thanks again for all your help!