New Volti Speaker - Lucera

Just received my Volti newsletter with this surprise:












Greg Roberts of Volti Audio is bringing a brand-new model of speaker to the Florida Audio Expo.


This speaker is so new that I hope the paint dries before the show!


The new speaker is called "Lucera", which means ’from a bright light’ or possibly ’the brightest star’. Either meaning seems appropriate for this new offering from Volti Audio. A speaker that is as much about dynamic power delivery as it is refinement - a speaker that simply gets out of the way and leaves the music right in front of you.


The Lucera is not a big speaker at just 18" wide, 14" deep, and 40" tall, but it delivers a huge soundstage and with 99db sensitivity can reach realistic volume levels in-room with just a few watts of power.


Each cabinet has a powerful 15" high-sensitivity woofer, a 2" outlet midrange compression driver mounted to a shallow-flare horn lens, and a 1" compression tweeter. Crossovers are hand-built with high-quality components mounted to wooden boards. Cabinet construction is typical Volti-stout, with 1" thick Baltic Birch plywood, bracing of the same, and finished in fine wood veneers.


You definitely don’t want to miss that sweet spot seat in room 403 at the show. You’ll be the first to photograph and hear these wonderful new speakers.


Lucera speakers are sold direct to our customers for $11,750/pair.



Sounds like a slightly bigger Razz with a 15" woofer. Looking forward to hear this at the Tampa show in a few weeks.