Newbie needs advice

Hello everybody,

I just have a basic question and need an advice. I got bored with my computer speakers and felt like I need to get something better than what I already had. I was looking at different options and everything out there seemed boring as hell and without a character. So I came up with this idea of getting a vintage Marantz and a pair of bookshelf speakers. So I found this Marantz Model 2220B $130 and a pair of Polk bookshelfs $100. For some reason a vintage Marantz or Sansui was always something I wanted to get and this seemed like a perfect opportunity, and while the 2220B might not be the best of the bunch Marantz released in the 70s I read it has a pretty decent phono stage. Oddly enough a turntable is another thing I wanted to explore, as a side hobby only, so this seems like a perfect opportunity to get started.
So the question is what turntable would you guys recommend? Can be vintage, must be cheap, has to "move me". Any recommendations?

Great thanks!
Generally, I discourage people who don't already have record a collection stored away to get involved with vinyl.

If I'm spinning vinyl and a guest is becoming enamored and begins to ask those how much questions, I have a routine of making them aware of every trip to the turntable. Even with the most minimalist record care there is still a level of commitment that accompanies playing vinyl that they're not aware of.

In those rare instances when my little dog and pony show fails I have a second act. I sit them down and give them the CD vs computer playback demo. Combined with the undeniable convenience of the Squeezebox Touch, this never fails.

No, I make no mention of the Squeezebox being out of production.
I agree with vicdamone. If you don't have a collection of vinyls already, don't get involved. There are a lot of hidden costs associated with vinyls. It can get expensive quite fast.
I totally disagree with the above responses.....I threw out all my turntable/vinyl stuff back in the 80's. In the fall of 2011 I bought a Rega P3/24 and I cant stop buying records! I buy mostly used records from the early 60's thru the 80's. I clean them and treat them and store them in plastic. It has been super rewarding finding GEMS at garage sales, friends giving me records also used vinyl stores and vinyl conventions ect... I would buy a Audio-Technica LP120 this would match perfect with your Marantz reciever. It stuns me how little it costs to build up a big collection of vinyl. Also, look for ORIGINAL used records not re-pressings.New records are very nice and expensive..they really don't sound any better than a original, good, clean record made 30 years ago.

Baloney. Get a TT. Used, inexpensive new, whatever you can afford. The LP world does NOT have to be expensive to be a lot of fun and really rewarding. New things are available like entry level tables, inexpensive phono preamps, etc., that are killer. Vinyl is rising from the ashes with increasing interest among newbies (and some oldbies), new pressing plants, and more good sources for LPs all the time. Don't be denied!
TTs dont need to be expensive or complicated if you are new to vinyl.

google Needle Doctor to see all the possibilities.
I suggest staying away from vintage, since you may need to spend $ to get them up to spec. I recommend a "plug and play" TT. Also, budget tables will come with a cartridge.

I would say to not be afraid to try vinyl playback. BUT! as a newbie I'd suggest start out with a minimal budget. If you search an old vintage table even a thrift store find, PRE 1985 model I'd say. By the late 80's Made In Japan tables were SHITE!

If you need a phono preamp don't go to high yet.

The idea of mine is to see if the effort and ritual of pulling out a LP and putting it on a table, running a min. a carbon fibre brush over it and then dropping a needle, listen for about 20 min, get up flip album over and repeat.

If you find you are ok with that then set a budget to move up to a more serious table and NO you do not have to spend mega bucks!

You can get a quality turntable, cartridge, phono preamp set up for between $500-$1000. Of course if you have a budget to let you go more than that well then fine.

But do not be afraid of trying vinyl, just don't go crazy until you find if you are willing to learn how to handle, store, clean and spin LP's as well as if you are ok with flipping disc over every 20 odd minutes.

Regarding new items: Project Carbon...400 bucks includes nice cart, Cambridge 641p under 200 (the Pangea P100 power supply is currently $69 at Audio Advisor...I have 2 of these and they are amazing), Spincleans are $75...set of Mobile Fidelity "master sleeves" 50 for $20, anti static brush maybe 10 bucks?, stylus cleaner...can't remember but lasts forever. You get the point.
Great thanks for all the comments, the positive and negative, I guess both help think about stuff.
I used to play records when I was a kid, my big brother used to have a TT. From what I remember listening to music was more of a ritual, an event, then the casualness of what it is now. 100% of my music sits on a hard drive now, and I'm not trying to complain as with some help of audiogon members I've built a rig that's very satisfying to my ears but sometimes I feel there's something missing. So I guess there is a little bit more to vinyl than just listening to music.
I don't think it's gonna be a serious rig but may bring a little bit of that old feeling again.

Great thanks again.
yeah I agree with the majority of you all. I live in a city where there is an abundance of used turntables for affordable prices. You can find gems like the Thorens TD-160 or an Ariston RD 80 which I own as a back up TT for less than $400 for both models. I assure that you will get plenty of enjoyment out of them. Used LP and new Titles for LP's have made a huge comeback. Stores that sold a majority of new and used Cd's are now selling more than twice as many Lp's over Cd's. So if you have an itch to scratch, I would say go for it and enjoy.
One way to start is to buy a used Thorens turntable (145, 150, 160, 165) at $200~300, and a (good) budget cartridge at around $100 (Shure M97xE). $100 phono preamp will beat the phono section in the Marantz receiver.
Buying used records may not be that expensive, usually $1~2 each in eBay if you bought in bulk, or little more in used record stores, unless it is a sought after record. Thrifty stores or garage sales may worth try.
Yes, it will become very expensive hobby quickly if you are hooked into it.
Lowrider and others.

On the needledoctor website I read a lot of good reviews about the Denon DP300F. Is this any good? I'm asking because with my connections I can get one for about $260 brand new. Any comments?
"On the needledoctor website I read a lot of good reviews about the Denon DP300F. Is this any good? I'm asking because with my connections I can get one for about $260 brand new. Any comments?"

That's a very good price to get u into the world of vinyl. I can't speak to that particular TT, but Denon makes some very good cartridges. Seems to be a good starter table, but a poor stock cart.
Have u seen these reviews.....