No nonsense Power Strip

I have and old home and unfortunately I am limited to one outlet. I need a non-current limiting, non-filtering, non-conditioning power strip with no sonic signature. Can you help?
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I've owned Noistrapper powerstrips since the early 90's and they have served me well.
I have used the Wiremold and they have always worked well for me and are built solidly as well.
Quantum Q-bar is what I just bought and works well for me.

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PS Audio Juice Bar

Also Hammond makes some nice power strips, including some models with Hospital Grade outlets.
6 dual outlets? That is quite a few. Going to be hard to find anything of quality with that many.
My mistake. I don't need six dual outlets. Four to six total receptacles is just fine.
Audioparts Inc has one for auction here in the power cord section. Can't speak to the unit nor the seller but its another choice. Chris Hoff @ BPT also makes one that received a good review (if those things make any difference to you). It comes with or without filtering, etc. and can be found in the "AC" listings here @ A-gon. Blue Circle Audio also makes one as does Gutwire but I don't know if their respective units have "filtering" or not nor am I aware of their prices.
I've just finished making my own power bar.
I used 15 ft. of 10/3 thick shielded cable, 1 Hubbel male plug, along with 2 good quality receptacles (15/20 Amp) and of course the receptacle housing.
It took about 20 minutes to make, total cost about $50 Can.
The PS Audio juice bar is about the no nonsense power strip as your going to get and it allows you to use a good power cord to connect it and of course there is the DIY way but for the price of a used juice bar why DIY.
Although I live in Italy, I have all my units powered with american male plugs power cords (Virtual Dynamics) directly connected into a Ps Audio Juice Bar and it works great!
Transparent Audio's strip is the Best one out there right now. Destroys the Michael Wolff and Monster Audio's strip /conditioner.