No Sub-Mojo

I have an Accuphase E-202 integrated amp that I'd like to use with a subwoofer since it has preamp/main out outputs. I tried to connect to a sub a few months ago, but was not able to get a signal to activate the sub. Anyone out there who has an E-202 and is using it with a sub? This is confusing to me, because I also have a Pioneer Spec-1 preamp that I'm using the preamp outputs to drive a sub, and that works beautifully.
"We don't need no stinkeen instructions!". The thing that's odd is the "normal - separate" switch under the pre-out/main-in jacks. Maybe "normal" deactivates the pre-out signal. I'll bet the manual says to set the switch to separate to activate the jacks. Please verify this in the manual and give it a try.
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No. "Steenking" is east-coast, "Stinkeen" is west-cost. I lived in ’Vegas for 13 years so I know.
There is no switch on the E-202 and the manual is of no help because subwoofers didn't exist at the time. The manual does address using a separate amp (which I realize the subwoofer actually is in this case), but the signal did not appear to be going to the sub. My repair tech said that using the preamp outputs would automatically disconnect the amplifier section, but I don't agree with that because when I did connect the sub, the unit continued to work as normal, other than no output to the sub. The amp has been out of circulation for several months due to my having the barrier strips for the speaker outputs replaced with binding posts and I want to get this issue with the sub resolved before hooking it back up.
I was wrong in stating there is no switch for normal/separate operation on the amp. When I hooked the sub up, I left the switch in the 'normal' position.
what kind of sub do you have? Does it have remote control volume? If it does, you have more options.
Good question....I am using an M&K MX-125, which has very limited controls, but is a great sub for music. I have somewhere around 12-13 subs, but none feature remote control.
You can use a set of your tape-monitor "record" jacks to feed your subwoofer. However, these are usually fix volume output (also called "line level") so the subwoofer you attach them to must have some kind of volume control (Note: The Pre-out jacks are variable loudness). It doesn’t have to be remote control but line-level volume is "all the way up" that is, really loud, so you have to have a way to turn it down to sane levels. Why don’t you sell enough of your 12-13 subwoofers to buy one (or two) with remote control?
Dweller, I think you were correct in your earlier post about the switch to select normal/ activate the outputs, the switch has to be set to 'separate', but that's where the caveat from my tech kicks in; it will also disable the amplifier output. Selling used subs is slightly more profitable than selling a used Yugo (who remembers those?). I only have two subs sitting idle, an Outlaw LFM-2 and an Orb Super 8. Good little subs, but not worth much on the second-hand market. I may just forgo the sub hook-up entirely because the speakers will have a 10" woofer, giving sufficient bass. Thanks for all of the suggestions and comments.

Maybe you can try connect the sub to 'MAIN IN' instead of 'PRE OUT' while the switch is at 'NORMAL' position. If no signal output to the sub, next thing to try is using a 'Y' adapter connect one end to 'PRE OUT' and the other end to 'MAIN IN' to loop the signal back to power amp section. The sub connect to RCA female end and set the switch to 'SEPARATE'.