Off to see the Wizard...the wonderful Wizard of Oz

I have extolled the benefits of no antiskate on these pages, and here I am reporting to you that with a/s, I can hear the singers voice/words better. open and airy......with....more clarity.  Woh is me.....
No more anti anti-skate talk from you anymore! You've finally seen the light!
Post that in the VPI forum, most of the members will faint!

Are you using just the orings, or did you use  additional weight?
That air is usually called distortion, and with no distortion (how long is your arm), probably pretty high distortion in the right channel. comes more.    I'm just wondering what is the better option.  I wasn't at the recording session, so I don't know.  I don't hear the "air" as distortion...just separation of instruments and extended soundstage.....w/a/s , a smaller room.  There are times when the lyrics are more important (Paul Simon, Jamie Johnson, et al). sometimes the music is better served )Mahler, Mozart, et al