The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd

I was watching the Wizard of Oz this past sunday and I remembered something from my teenage years.
I can recall hearing on more than one occasion that if you played Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon at the exact time that the movie starts, that the two will in effect play in simultaneous fashion, song for song, scene for scene. Or, rather, song for scene or scene for song.
If this is true, Alan Parsons and the boys were fans of the movie to the extent that no adult male has any business with.
Is this an urban legend (as I believe) or does any one have any insight? I will come clean right now: I have tried it, but I was a teen, years ago. No success.
I also believe there is an exact moment as to when you need to simultaneously start both.
Any thoughts, Dorothy?
It's a load of crap as has been stated many times by everyone connected with the record.

Don't waste your time,read a book or something.
'dark side' is the soundtrack for all movies if you smoke the weed of wisdom. i prefer the wizard of oz with 'chipmunk punk'

Its pure coincidence I believe BUT if you start Dark Side the exact moment of the last lion's roar (movie's start) ... the very second she steps out of the house and the scene goes from black and white to color ... the song money starts and it's pretty cool. I remember a few other points of interest. I agree it is a load of BS but never the less ... if some afternoon, anyone one out there gets an itch to try something odd - rent the DVD and give it a try.
From my sometimes hazy college days I think I remember something to the effect that if you start DSOM right at the point where Dorothy opens the door to reveal the color of the land of Oz. Academic myth perhaps? Never tried it and am not interested. DSOM for me provides enough sonic and imagined visual imagery.
It might be a coincidence, but there are a remarkable number of coincidences: new songs starting with change of scene in the movie, lyrics that seem relevent to characters or scenes in the movie, there are websites where you can read a list of all the coincidences. You also have to put the CD on repeat since the movie is longer than the CD. And you have to start the CD with the Lion's last roar - not sure if it is the end or the beginniing of the roar - the timing is important. I tried this recently (with the refurbished movie DVD) and it was a lot of fun.
Ahh come on guys (and girls)! I thought this was all for fun!

The match is coincidence but SO WHAT! There are so many perfect "coincidences" that you should do it atleast once. (Especially puffed).

My favourite is when the munchkens start dancing perfectly in time to Us And Them. You can't beat it. btw - Start the CD upon the lion's third roar at the beginning of the movie.
Someone once gave me a scripted protocol for use with a laser disc for this purpose. I'm sure I still have it somewhere. I never bothered doing it though.
It's a lot of fun, even without partaking of any "spiritual condiments." I demonstrated it last month for some friends and it had the happy benefit of one guy exclaiming, "Geez, I'd forgotten what a great album this is."

Here's a link to help:

Hey why not!!!?????  I think it's awesome!!!  Take your mind off of all the crap going on in the world.  Any (safe) escape is fine with me!! 

You can synch lots of things up with lots of other things and find really fun correlations. In the early days of MTV, I used to enjoy watching music vids but playing something else on my system - very entertaining how things would seem to work together! But the things were not made for that purpose.