OK, Today is Pedal Steel Guitar Day

We had such fun and success with the other thread surrounding a cool instrument(B3), I thought I'd try another one with another cool instrument... The Pedal Steel Guitar ...
I love the sound, but must admit I don't know many musicians or groups that showcase them....so I thought we can start sharing again....

Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant made some albums together, Stratosphere Boogie and Swingin on the Strings are all instrumentals.
Lloyd Manes, Jerry Garcia and the guy who played with Bob Wills are pretty good.
If you guys/gals have never heard Japancakes I urge you to check them out. Fantastic instrumental group from Athens that use pedal steel, drums, cello, keys & guitar to create very soothing tunes. I really can't compare them to anyone offhand. I really like their Belmondo album a lot. They have 2 brand new albums out right now one of which is an entire cover album of My Bloody Valentine's album Loveless. BJ Cole is another killer player. For something WAY off the beaten path I recommend the album he did with electronic weirdo Luke Vibert titled Stop The Panic. Crazy drum 'n' bass/sampledelica with BJ's awesome pedal steel over the top. Sounds like it wouldn't work but it does.
You are prolly thinkin of Leon McAuliff of "steel guitar rag" fame. Noel Boggs, "here's herbie" Remington are among the gruop of about 600 musicians who played with Bob

Lucky Oceans (Asleep at the Wheel)
buddy Emmons(designer of the Sho-Bud steel)RayPrice
Norm Hamlett (Merle Haggard)
Glenn Ross Campbell(described by RS as "jimmy page and jeff
beck rolled into one)JuicyLucy
Robert Randolf WOW
For something a little out of the ordinary check out the Arhoolie label series "Sacred Steel". It's Gospel/R&B based pedal steel music.
The 2nd self titled "Asleep at the Wheel" album is one of my favorites for pedal steel.

If you like that pick up their 1st album and maybe the 3rd.

Same player for the first 5-6 albums, I think, but I lost interest after their second LP.

Saw them in a bar (Gabe & Walkers) in 1974-1975 and then picked up the 1st two albums.
Sheesh ...I am staying away from this thread...the last one Angela started set me back $300 bucks in new music - LOL ;-)

Oh...I need to add something...already many good suggestions ..I'd add to check out Jon Rauhouse..
Are there any current artists and releases with pedal steel? NOT to say that there is anything wrong with "older" stuff, but you know what I mean?

(hey DeKay! long time, eh?)

My suggestion is a current artist with one new album released a few weeks ago and another album out next Tuesday.
Dan Dugmore played pedal steel with the Delevantes on tour - although I'm not sure if he played on the records. Wonderful playing both live and recorded.