Old stock power cords and SMTPs

I probably have a dozen or more each of old stock power cords and STMPs of various amps. Any reason to keep more than 2 or 3 of each? I’m sure there’s no market for them so I’d just toss.  TIA


I usually just keep old stock cords around for a rainy day btw what's a STMP?

C’mon man!

Sodium trimetaphosphate (also STMP ), with formula Na 3 P 3 O 9, is one of the metaphosphates of sodium. It has the formula Na3P3O9 but the hexahydrate …

Or does he mean SMPT?

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) 

What's the prize for guessing what SMTP is?

One of the OP's stock power cords?

Smell My Toilet Paper?

Shake My Tootsie Pop?

So Many Trans Pediatricians?

Stop Meteor Towards Planet?

Am I close?? What did I win??!