One man Band

Limited indeed, but who are some of your favorite?

Close enough counts gents, but here goes.

-All songs written by
-All tracks performed by
-All instruments played by
-Produced by
-Engineered by

First pick, Remy Shand Album the way i feel
Second pick, Prince Album Prince

This is an easy one: Emitt Rhodes 1970 s/t debut on Dunhill Records. There is a documentary about Emitt entitled The One Man Beatles. I actually think he was (RIP) better than they.  
My gratitude y’all. I’ll be looking in to what’s been said.

My true agenda, seeking out stellar performers to add to the library.

List some please, as few or as many, any genre and it does not have to meet the criteria
Adrian Belew - "Mr Music Head"

Essentially meets the critieria. Belew played all of the instruments on most of the tracks, wrote the songs, provided the vocals and produced the record.
How about “Zippo”, the one man band that Ray (Ray Romano) on “Everybody Loves Raymond” found performing at the subway station and hired for his upcoming wedding?
Somewhat unknown is John Fogerty's first solo album, put out under the pseudonym The Blue Ridge Rangers. The album fits the op's requirements in that Fogerty plays all the instruments and sings all the parts, but fails in regard to songwriting. The songs are all old Country and Bluegrass, done surprisingly (to me anyway) well.

Another such album is Dave Edmunds first solo (after disbanding Love Sculpture), entitled Rockpile (not to be confused with the sole album by the band he and Nick Lowe put together in 1980, Rockpile. Fantastic band and album entitled Seconds Of Pleasure). On the 1970 Rockpile album Dave performs (playing everything but bass, and singing almost all the vocals) old Rock 'n' Roll and Blues songs, utterly transforming "I Hear You Knocking" (written by Dave Bartholomew and originally recorded in 1955 by Smiley Lewis, with Bartholomew producing) from a Blues into a scorching Rock 'n Classic (with a killer guitar solo by Dave). The song was actually a hit on U.S radio, launching Edmund's solo career. One song on each LP side is a live recording, Dave backed by the group Brinsley Schwartz, of which Nick Lowe was at the time a member.
Y’all’s efforts will NOT go in vain…

Good, but I know you can do better, fire away…

On hands and knees

@hilde45, interesting, I like. Which album specifically? I’ve tuned in to Apollo

@arcticdeth, my sons taste. Although I will say, he’s turned me on to some black metal in recent years. Not only the main rig, but the garage LIVE. Again, specific album I should be listening to?

@bdp24 Fogerty fan here. Haven’t looked in to but surely will.

@reubent I dig. When I listen I’m reminded of the Talking Heads. Mr Music Head that is.

@stereo5 Zipporah Eric?

@fuzztone, Will Owsley, tragic. Great song writing. Daughter will approve

@johnto McCartney fan. Will also surely look in to

Haven’t had time to put my ear on Emitt Rhodes, The Suitcase Junket and the Lost Album (brown) Lewis. Will later
@dabel  - The Suitcase Junket is truly a one man band. Matt Lorenz plays all of the instruments (guitar, percussion) and sings at the same time. Fun stuff, but kind of a novelty act. Check out his song ""Mountain of Mind".

For a BATHORY beginner,......try hammerheart , ....twilight of the Gods. Blood on ice and the 2 Nordland records I & II

START THERE, other stuff is an acquired taste. 

reubent, I indeed will…Thank you 

arcticdeth, understood. My ear was on Blood Fire Death. If you’d like, check out progressive metal/rock band Psychotic Waltz a Social Grace. I think you might like.
Don't have a favorite Eno album and he often does use other musicians, but not always. Sometimes he does what you're describing.
@reubent Sat down this evening to give The Suitcase Junket a listen.
Now that's what I was looking for! Thanks
Psychotic waltz., have every album!
new one came out several months ago, it’s descent.

absolutely love the NWOBHM stuff.

Hard rock/metal since about 79-80. When Thrash hit, I was hooked, it was a mish mosh of hardcore punk, metal, and the attitude ,....still love it!
just picked up the new sodom genesis xix spec Ed. Cd, and new Rage cd.
good stuff!
Nice! Not to many know about Psychotic Waltz.

Funny thing, In those days I was residing in El Cajon California when they came on the scene, and bought some of their Albums including Social Grace from Blue Meanie Records also located in El Cajon. They were a bada$$ record shop, but sadly ended up closing the doors years ago :(

I’m all over the map regarding genres but you have good taste


If you like psychotic waltz,

check out “Sieges Even”
good stuff. 
 Another fav is “Yakuza” went to high school with Bruce. See him quite often at shows across the border in Chiraq venues. 
“Stillborn” is another great band. 
I just purchased everything listed. Thanks y’all.

Well, almost everything…