Opinions of Lexicon RT-20 for Audio Only

Hello - I currently have a number of separates in my system that I'd like to consolidate. Currently, I use a Denon 3910 (stock) for MultiChannel SACD/DVD-A and a Music Hall Maverick (stock) for RBCD and 2-Channel SACD. I've got my eyes on a Lexicon RT-20 and the reviews that I read sound great, but they are few and far between. So, I'm reaching out to my fellow audiogoners for opinions on whether I'd be taking a step forward or backward if making this move. I realize everyone's ears are different, but I don't have the luxury of being able to trial the RT-20 before buying so I am forced to bank on popular opinion as my leading criteria. Also, I'm worried strictly about Audio performance, not video.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Ben, can I jump on this train? How would the RT-20 compare to the Marantz DV9600? Thanks.
Own this unit for about 6 months and it sounds fantastic in my system. Purchased primarily to replace Cary cinema unit that used to anchor my system. It olny took about 15 munutes to realize the Cary (2400.00 at time of purchase )was not in the same league as the Lexicon in either music or video. I primarily use the Lexicon for 2 channel play back of Cds since I have other units for hi definition DVD playback in my system. Really think you would not be disappointed with a Lecixon RT-20 in your system compared to what you are presently listening to. Of curse this is my opinion YMMV. Happy hunting, Herman
Herman - Thanks. This is exactly the kind of input I'm looking for. Just out of curiousity, what is your opinion of the SACD and DVD-Audio playback? I have a fairly extensive collection of SACDs so this is an important factor for me.

Autosports - My understanding is that the RT-20 is based off the same chassis as the Marantz DV-9500, but that the audio components are completely worked over in the RT-20 (vastly in favor of the Lexicon). But again, it's really tough to find user-based feedback on this unit.

Thanks Again!
Thanks. I wonder how it would compare to the DV9600, which does have some inprovements on the 8500.

Oops, meant the 9500.

I saw that the 9600 is based on an excellent Pioneer Elite transport. I don't think the 9500 was. Wonder how it would stack up to the RT20 on that basis.
The sacd and audio dvd play back foremats are phenomenal. I own several titles myself and routinely play around with the available options. My favorite of course is the 2 channel analog output section for listening to acoustical performances. I have a dedicated amp and speakers for this purpose. The RT-20 provides the digital component and competes very well my analog rig which costs quite a bit more. If you like to mess around with different setups to match the system to the room this player will give you hours of playing time and setup options for your listening pleasure. I am not sure of the theory behind the design of this unit. However, am very certain that it out performs any of the digital players I've listen to in my system over the past several years. To get something that sounds better on the audio side and out perfoms the video section would cost you considerably more than the price of this unit. Have fun, Herman
For Redbook Cd the Lexicon RT-20 is surprisingly good.
Dynamic, very musical and detailed. I have found it responds 'very' favorably to AC power conditioning confirming its basically very good design. I think it's a 'sleeper'--better than given credit for. I use a ref Spectral system with top line MIT PCs, conditioning, I/Cs and speaker cables and the RT-20, as I have it configured, sounds exceptionally good. For the used prices I see it is truly a "no-brainer" and Lexicon service is as good as you'll get near anywhere.
I've considered RT-20 for more than one occasion in the past, but I wasn't able to audition the unit and I didn't find informative reviews so ultimately I passed on it. I'd love to hear about any comparison with other comparable players. Psacanli, what did you compare RT-20 with?
Well. I agree. Not much owner reviews going on. I have here an RT-10 and I think it sounds great on redbook using analog outs of which there are two. This may be a Marantz design, but I got a great deal so I'm thrilled. I think it bests any NAD player i have had which are my other favorites. But I also haven't tried too many high end players..Rega, Meridian, or Cambridge's best. I love this one, pacy, lively, and mostly mellow except for maybe the slightest touch of hash on some essses.