Opinions what are the best floor standing speakers in these ranges $$??

100$ to 200$
200$ to 300$
300$ to 400$
400$ to 500$

Let me know your opinions? I understand we all have different tastes my personal preference is anything that makes my vinyl sound warmer and has adequate bass. I’m running an all tune setup. Tube preamp is a project tube box s2 into a yaqin mc13s with a dennon dp 300f TT. Just looking for that warm fuzzy crisp sound. Let me know what you think. All your thoughts and opinions are appreciated! Maybe we can all come to a general consensus on price vs quality I do know that just because something is priced high doesn't always necessarily mean it's better. I am willing to bet there are lower priced speakers that can compete with higher priced ones. I am also willing to buy used if the equipment is in good condition. I psb has caught my attention but I'm pretty new and could use some feedback.
Indeed, you can have warm & funny, or you can have crisp. 

To your main question: Zu Omens. 
DCM Time Windows 1A! Forty years later still World-beaters! A very successful design from Steve Eberbach - over 26,000 pairs sold! If you like the Vandersteen 2's you will love the TW's! Comparable phase-coherent imaging - but superior dynamic range! I am now onto my THIRD pair! Cost - $219 + shipping from an eBay seller (mint condition). New they sold for $1200/pr.
At your price range you might want to entertain monitors as well as floor standers. Some very good monitors would be Silverline Minuet Supreme or Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 or 11.1. If you’re stuck on floor standers and can stretch a little the Silverline Prelude or Wharfedale 10.3 or 11.3 are solid options. Within your price range and considering what you’re looking for along with the somewhat limited power of your tube amp I’d go with the Minuet Supremes that I think would really sing in your setup. Best of luck.
I don’t post in $100 increments....

time Windows are certainly fun, bit of sizzle to go with steak :-) DCM = Drug Capital Midwest and yes we sold them, and Vandersteen, and many many more....
Anything DALI. They have a lot of good speakers but yes, you should look at monitors as well. And start saving your money because you will want to upgrade soon as nothing in this price range will be satisfying for long. And the Silverline speakers soix talks about are very good but all are above $500 and the Minuet Supremes and Supreme Plus are all discontinued now..
IMHO there are zero floorstanding speakers in that price range worth listening to.
Wharfedale diamond 230's if you can still find a pair, discontinued recently. Top ratings in both whathifi and hifi choice. Warm tonal character, great detail & dynamics, and very good imaging. If I could find them I'd buy them just to have, as I do not own towers. 
😂😂😂 I thought this was an audio site.. it’s more like bestbuy.. ugh... 
Speakers which make the hair stand on your arms and neck.

those are the ones u buy.

those prices can and are filled with hundreds of speakers, all different in sound.

go out, audition, listen, really listen and (hear) the speakers. 

You didn’t mention new or used. New, a few. Used, a ton. To many to list specifically, really. Not terribly helpful, but true. Go listen. And there are plenty of decent speakers in the upper end of your price range. Budget is budget...
Don't you need to add a zero to those price numbers?  Sure hope so.

$3,000 - Paradigm Prestige 85F Towers
$4,500 - Paradigm Prestige 95F Towers
$6,000 - SALK Song2 Encore Towers
@arctikdeth ....walking across a wool carpet on a warm low humidity day can make any speaker do that....;)

And a nice jolt for the listener next to you....but don't pet the dog.

You get the 'Why?!" look....after it settles down...

@gguy767 ....best values will likely be used. so good luck.  Consensus in this crowd is unlikely, and it might help to define your listening space. 

Happy listening and shopping....
I have an old pair of Paradigm Monitor 9 floorstanders.  Been sitting in my garage for years because I got a great price and never used them. I recently hooked them up to listen before I sold them off and was very surprised.  These can be had in the $300 range and they sound fantastic.  Definitely worth listening to in your price range.
My 2 cents? I would keep an eye on your local craigslist "for sale" section and buy a good pair of used vintage speakers, you'll get more speaker for your money.

Before I bought my Zu Omens last year I walked into a Best Buy Magnolia room to see what they had, very disappointing to say the least, especially at the $500 range ($250 per speaker). (By the way, the Zu Omen's would be a great choice; great sounding speaker, high efficiency, and I believe they have a 30 day return policy; they were around $1200 for the pair)

I check Craigslist almost every day for audio equipment, I'll even search using the term "audiophile"...  I'd definitely only entertain add's posted by individuals that are willing to demo the speakers.

Some great speakers pop up every day / week, give it a shot!
I have some Q Acoustics 3050s that can be found ~$500 new on sale.  Fantastic for the price and highly rated.
I heard a pair of psb alpha 3 and was really impressed.  They are book shelf, but worth looking into at $199.00 new.  If you need more low end, you could always get an svs sb1000 sub.  I  have a sb3000 and love it. Good luck
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Second and third the recommendations to shop used. Craigslist is a great resource. Obviously there are many factors to consider when building a system, budget being one of them...we all have them.

I'd recommend looking into the now defunct AV123 line of speakers.
They were good values when new, and offer  tremendous value on the used market. Some designs (like the X-LS) still have a following and  support from their designer (GR Research). Drivers are usually off the shelf variety and still available through vendors like Madisound.

The complete set of AV123 Xstatiks, x-voce and x-omnis listed on USAM, could come in under your budget by selling off the pieces you don't need. Of course you'd need to be local to the seller.

X-statiks would be my choice for your bass needs, or if you can locate a pair of Mini Stratas, they have built in 8" subs. Worth looking into and a bargain on the used market.  Listing a little over your budget around $700. There are reviews out there on this speaker,  and definitely worth the read.
The Ascend Acoustics Model CBM 170-SE bookshelf are on sale right now, from $348 to $298 pair I like that they have the soft dome tweeter. Match them with a good Sub down the road and that might be just the ticket

 Hand assembled and tested in the USA
 Extremely linear frequency response
 High efficiency and high power handling
 Incredibly detailed and smooth vocal response
 Suitable for professional studio monitoring
 6.5" Long throw composite polygel woofer
 27mm soft dome chambered neodymium tweeter Rear ported enclosure delivers tight, accurate bass Dense internally braced MDF cabinet Magnetically shielded
 Over (80+) 5 out of 5 reviews on AudioReview.com
Found a pair of daulquist M905’s not sure if anyone has experience with these. The guy wants 200$ on Craiglist. I can’t find much on these speakers but I haven’t read any bad reviews. Just from what I read they seem like a very well liked speaker all around. General reviews are along the lines of (it’s a solid audiophile grade speaker that is all around great sounding). If anyone has any experience with these, let me know what ya think.
Go to www.regnan.com.   They are thee folks for anything Daulquist.    As for new just a bit above your budget look at PSB alpha t20's.  Good review of those at ZeroFidelity.   Maybe Tekton mini lores ( not likely warm but easy to drive.  Good luck on you quest and "enjoy the music"