OPPO repair

I have an OPPO BDP-105 that both the HDMI videos went out completely. I've sent 2 emails to OPPO, who seems to be the only people that offer any kind of service on it, with as of yet no reply. I'd hate to think it's now trash, someone somewhere must work on these other than OPPO. Any help on this would be appreciated. 


Have you done a full reset? I have had a few pieces, different makers, well known brands, when a reset solved things. Or, a partial fix, like 1 of the HDMI's comes alive.

best of luck.

computer shops work with hdmi outputs all the time, it's the brains, not the physics.

THANK YOU!!! I used hdmi 2 and got a faded screen menu popping in and out and did a factory reset and Ta! Da!. Thanks again, thought I was screwed.


sometimes there are button combinations for reset that work if you cannot see the screen, time to find that out now. 

the manual usually tells you how, i.e. push power and ____ together for 5 secs. I have had to reset my Sony AVR a few times using button combos.

Good news .   As an FYI those players have a composite out that always works for the menu.    

I forgot about the composite out; I'll remember that if it happens again. It will occasionally lock up and have to unplug for 10 seconds and plug it back in to unstick it. Other than that, it's been fantastic. Thanks again everyone.

I just worked with Oppo support today, after sending them an email this morning. They wanted to trouble shoot, rather than have me send the unit in. Turns out, a firmware upgrade and a factory reset solved the problem-- no audio from either the hdmi or the analog outputs. I still have to check the analog outputs, which for reasons not worth explaining, I could not do in my living room set up at present. 

Pretty impressive given that I bought the unit second hand several years ago. 

Oppo still offers repair and service on these spinners.


Happy Listening!

Every time I upgraded, it only cost me 200 after selling the older 1 twice. Great players. Wish they'd come back with the new ESS Sabor DAC's, a better clock and more streaming options.