Oracle CD2500 MKI

What's the fair price for working machine in good condition? Its twenty years old. Is Bluebook $4k valuation realistic ? 



Player is too old and I can't see anything in history of sales . There were MKII years ago and MKIV which is a different thing altogether except for the look. 

Bluebook was usually buy @ 25%, sell @ 50 unless it was really special.  I suspect you could do better than a nostalgia player for performance. Several new players have come out with much newer electronic technology. 

Disclosure: I spool FLAC files from my PC, so how stable or error-free the transport is does not matter at all.  The old precision needed for real-time conversion is OBE. 


I perfectly know I can do better. It's a case of having old Oracle Delphi V  and period matching player on display for occasional spin so audio concern is a secondary issue in this case. The seller is basing his estimate on Bluebook value and there are no sales of such unit in recent years posted online to form opinion of what the unit is really worth. I do not wish to offend him in any way since he is a nice guy but I'm not willing to spend more than  close to real value since its a frivolous expense in bad time if it comes to my personal finances. I only consider it because it's local and something I was thinking of doing for many years (and never could justify the cost) . A karma sort of thing :) 

Thanks for all replies!

there is a Mk2 for sale asking price is $2700 so i think the $2000 mentioned is probably close to max for an excellent mk1. note it will be limited to CD only and your probably going to want to add an outboard DAC as that's getting long in the tooth as they say being over 20 years old. but it will look nice beside your table. I'd also check for part availability like the CD drive and laser assembly, if they are non existence I'd pass. 

I don't see that MKII on any site , Can you post link ? 

Philips CD-pro drives are not available for many years now. All you have are crapshot substitutes and when the NOS drive appears on the market it's a $1k part. ,,,,

The Oracle Audio cd transports and players are rarely for sale.  And, they are stunning machines.  I have the 1500 transport.  

if you want one, you should buy it.