OT: Fine Writing Instruments

Any 'Goners into fine writing instruments? Any fountain pen aficionados? Ballpoint vs roller ball debaters?

So far I have a small collection comprising of a little of everything. I have a couple of Mont Blancs (Bose-esque?): a fountain pen and a roller ball (Meisterstrucks), Lamy rollers, Waterman beaters, and a couple of Tombow cheapos. Interestingly enough (at least to me), I really like the Tombows! I get compliments on all of them, however.

What is the reason you jumped on THIS merry-go-round? Here's my story:

I recently changed careers and moved into the mental health field (What a bunch of whackos!!!!! Not the patients/clients...The staff!!!)I have joined my father in the "healing arts." He bought me my first Mont Blanc as a token of approval. He told me "Whenever you are using this pen, remember that you are helping someone. Always do your best." Association is a powerful thing, no? So, what is your story?

PS I hope that this topic has not been covered previously (or at least recently). I did a search but nothing came up.
I like fountain pens mostly but do yeild to roller and ball points when need be. I use bottled ink and converters for most of them. While I think it might be nice to own the hyper exclusives I settle for stupidly soort of exclusive and now .....
"all the money is gone
no where to go
oh that magic feeling
no where to go"

The Beatles
I carry a fountain pen - and have for most of my life. Currently I primarily use an Omas Paragon, although I've have several other pens including: Pelikan Souveran 800; vintage Parker 61; Aurora; several old Esterbrooks; and an old MB Meisterstuek (with sprung nib). All my pens fill from a bottle - - - haven't messed with cartridges since high school.
Yes, I like the fountain pens too although I rarely mess with them these days. Love the gel rollers too, my favourite "cheap" ones are by "tul" at office max. These flow nicely, and seem a bit above the usual gel pens in style.
I stick with ballpoints. You could argue that paying a lot for a ballpoint pen is like paying a lot for a quartz watch, but I like ballpoints. For several years I had a job that involved a lot of writing. And I thought, I can't afford an expensive car, so why not treat myself to an expensive pen instead? I've had Mont Blancs and Watermans and liked them just fine. But I no longer have that job and since then I just use cheapo give-away ballpoints.

The only fancy pen I have left lying around is a silver Parker cross-hatched pen, that iconic look that they now call "cisele." I never use it. Come to think of it, my Omega watch (not a quartz) just sits around unused, as well.
Alright now that web site has me drooling. Time to drag my little Waterman out again!!
LOL, Joons is a pen-lovers dream store. I can only imagine what their flagship store is like, I've been to the Grand Central Terminal store and the one at Trump Tower.
I enjoy pens as well. I just picked up my first Omas Italia (bottle) and am in heaven. I have the large Mount Blanc (Diplomat or 1849 or something) and the Omas blows it away. Rollerball over ball for me BUT I have this Chopard (black rubber & 18kt gold) that uses gel ink ballpoint refills. Really beautiful write. Pens, fine watches, sports cars, wine, I am sure these are hobbies which attract many of us here.
I didn't list my pens but agree that Omas is a superior pen. I own 2 paragons a 360 anogiva 2 balogna and 2 ares Milord . I once smashed a parker Cisele in disgust . all fountain. The only BPs I have besides the junk pens are a Mount Blanc and a Waterman exception. The rest are fountain pens Oh yes I have 3 rollers .It's conspicuous consumption on my part to list them all.fortunately I never bought the limited edition types.
The one recommendation you may not have considered is Sailor from Japan for Hi End ish and for cheap sleepers I like the Falcon by Nakimi or Knight which is amazingly smooth for a German steel rhodium plated Nib pen .
The smaller Pelikans with the oblique nib is very nice and not overly expensive. I had to stop but will bid on a pen here and there knowing it's a lowball bid and I end up losing.It is quite easy to figure the going market price without a reserve,.Unlike audio the used market is dreadful due to the wear on the nib so to sell you need to get a new sectionIf you find one!
I am a visual artist and I use pens and mechanical pencils vocationally. All aesthetic issues of the instruments themselves aside, the function of sophisticated drawing instruments are a passion for me. I have tried literally hundreds of pens and mechanical pencils.

They might be ugly, but in my book nothing can beat a Rotring rapidograph with a fresh nib.