Parasound P6 Volume control increments.

Greetings everyone. I am currently auditioning a Parasound P6 preamp and I really like it. Very musical and also I find it neutral. Super quiet. I noticed that to you don't get any substantial volume until you get to about 50 in the volume display and up from there. I think it goes from 0-100. At around 65 it really gets going but I don't understand why Parasound chooses this level of step control. I am running it with a Krell KAV 250A Power Amp and Marantz Sa11 S1 completely balanced. Table is a Rega Planar 6/ Exact. Obviously you get a gain of 6 DB when using a balanced connection. I have also emailed Parasound and I am waiting to hear a response. I appreciate any kind of input. Thanks to all and stay safe and healthy. 
I would not put too much emphasis on where the volume control is set to achieve your desired setting as long as you have enough. Note that most volume controls work best in the mid to higher range and you will have more control of the  minuet adjustments as well. Enjoy the music
I would be concerned that something was amiss if not much was happening until I had the volume control up 50%.  If new, definitely inquire with Parasound.  Hopefully someone with the same preamp will chime in here.
Hi too blue. It sounds very nice. Perhaps a bit dark which is my preference but I would say neutral. This sample has very little playing time so a bit longer break in period may benefit. Extremely quiet. The phone stage is excellent at this price point however I would upgrade to something better. I also have the Project S2 phono box and at $399 retail is killer. A touch tube but never syrupy. 
Would be interested on their response to your perceived issue with the volume control, as I ststed before, in my system, systems that would be a desirable issue. Good luck and enjoy the music. 
 My,McCormack is the,same way. 
 It is a great volume knob, it goes up in volume at .5 dB increments.

FWIW, I have a P5 running into a B&K EX-442 Sonata and the volume control acts similarly.  The control knob (no digital display on the P5) typically sits at 12 o'clock - the P5's halfway point - before things really open up.  Depending on the material's recording levels, I sometimes need to bump it up past 12 o'clock before it gets to the optimum listening level I'm looking for (maybe 70-ish dB SPL +/- 5 on a guess).
I am sure it is normal after reading some of your responses. I will share Parasound's response most likely tomorrow. Currently I own a Classe 6 MK II which has HUGE gain and at 12 o'clock I may as well be at a rock concert. I do like the P6 preamp a lot and it is extremely musical, which is always what I personally look for. VERY QUIET. Easy on the ear, however not veiled, bright (which I despise) it has tone controls which I tried and they very transparent. Tons of features and the phono section is quite good. Thanks to all for your responses and more to follow.  
Yeah, the P6 gain is very incremental and the range is 0-99. What's really nice about it is doesn't loose any SQ in the lower realms. Mine gets in the "sweet spot" around 60-70. That gives me a comfortable "loud". Running it with an A21.
Hello again. I received this email this morning and here is a very clear explanation to the volume issue. I must say that the folks at PArasound are super quick to respond. 

The P 6 and HINT 6 volume control and Zpre 3 and 200PRE  mapping results in turning the volume to a higher number for all sources.

70 or higher is typical.


The number has nothing to do with the % of the maximum possible volume.


Please note that relative to the displayed Volume Control indicator:




0-20                               +/-2 dB increments from one displayed number to the next


21-60                              +/-0.5 dB increments from one displayed number to the next


61-100                            +/-1 dB increments from one displayed number to the next



The P 6 and HINT 6 volume setting may appear to be set higher than other stereo products you are familiar with. In particular stereo equipment that use a potentiometer for the volume control (like the P 5 and Halo Integrated) may seem to be playing louder at a relatively lower setting of the volume knob. This is because potentiometer based volume controls are usually based on linear voltage gains rather than based on the way humans perceive sound which is logarithmic. Most potentiometer volume controls have very little increase in loudness past  the 1 o’clock position. The P 6 and HINT 6 volume scale works in dB (logarithmic) so the volume increases significantly all the way to the maximum of 99. In addition we have designed the P 6 and HINT 6 to have finer adjustments in the middle of the volume range since this is where a listener would appreciate smaller (0.5dB) step. Generally all of Parasound’s products have the same maximum gain (~10dB) but the P 6 and HINT 6 simply get to that same maximum gain slower and gives the listener finer control over the volume level. Depending on the efficiency of the speakers and the type of music being played the typically “loud” listening range may vary anywhere from 60-90 which leaves plenty of headroom should you wish to listen even louder.


Let me know this helps you to better understand the VC implementation of selected Parasound products. I appreciate your curiosity.




Thanks for being a valued Parasound customer.


I just pasted a reply from Parasound at the bottom of the thread. Excellent company and they were super quick to respond. 
I came here searching for the exact same issue with my Parasound P6. The volume is "low" until I crank it up to the 70's or thereabouts! I am glad I am not the only one with this question/confusion...

I may be selling the P6 since its a little too neutral for my taste. Almost lifeless compared to my cheap old NAD-1155 pre. :(
I missed adding that in my pre-amp, I dont get any discernible advantage when using the balanced output. The RCA sounds better and I tried 3 different set of cables. I am using an A21+ that was purchased new with the P6. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?
Found this older thread and decided to post here trying to revive it so I could get some info.

I just purchased an used P6/A23+ combo, and I was wondering the same thing. My sweet spot on the volume knob is 65, beyond that, my wife comes yelling at me. I mostly listen to vinyl through a Rega Planar 6 w/ a MM cartridge.

My "issue" so far is with the tone controls. For the style of music I listen to, which is mostly Rock/Metal, Hip-Hop, etc., I need the extra punch and mid range. So, in order to enjoy the sound on this pre+amp, I need to crank up the tone controls to almost the max levels. Is that normal? I'm powering a pair of KEF's Q550 with them. 

I don't mind if I do have to set the tone controls to my liking, I am liking the sound I'm getting so far. I'm just wondering if that's normal. Also, it could be my speakers, or the interconnects I'm using (stock RCAs between the TT and the Pre, and between the pre and the amp)