Please any idea how to plug in Tara Labs RCA connectors very close together? Thanks

My amp has Left and Right RCA connections that are very close together. The Tara Labs RCA interconnects have fat, screw-in end barrels that push each other off a straight line into the RCA connections.  Are slimmer plastic barrels available, or is the answer take one barrel off and use electrical tape on it, or something else...?  Thank you.


Some brands have very fat connectors. I have faced this problem before. For me, if they are pushing against each other and I don’t think they will damage the component, I will use them. Or I get rid of either the component or interconnects.

I used to have some very really good interconnects that I really liked… I actually swapped the box. But most of the time it worked.


Its up to you. Perhaps the screw connectors are interchangeable enough to find thin ones. I had never thought of that. Good idea. 

What he said. Or, heat shrink tubing. Just please no electrical tape. 

Have the outside barrels turned down. Maybe call Tara Labs. I quit using oversize connectors because of issues like this. 

Try using a RCA male to female adapter in one of the connections. One cable will be offset from the other. 

Or try a right angle RCA adapter on one or both connections.


@lowrider57 +1. My advice too! Only the neurotic will complain that they can hear it degrade the sound!

i owned top level Tara Labs interconnects, both RCA and XLR, and due to their very thick air dialectic which makes them so large, Tara Labs provide short thin extenders for the last 4-5 inches so they can be used in tight preamp/source plug in spots. these cables retail north of $30k so they have all the bells and whistles. they do sound amazing.

scroll through the pictures on this link and you will see the extenders.

contact Tara Labs for how to acquire these. not sure they can be purchased separately. maybe contact whoever sold you the cables, maybe they still have them sitting around.

if it's just the plug barrel size, those sort of tight plug layouts are not typically found on higher end gear. more on receivers and HT processors. and you will likely need some sort of DIY solution to make them work. my above comments would not be relevant.

On really old vintage gear, close spacing is not uncommon...quality cables then were made by Switchcraft and speaker wire was 16 ga. zip.  Think classic pieces like Mac MC 240s or Dyna Stereo 70, with barrier terminals and the like.  Solutions abound, including short jumpers to right angle adapters shown above, and these for speaker wires.

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Thank you to all for your kind advice.  As mentioned above, Tara Labs also recommended (their own) one or two right angle, gold plated RCA connectors.  They are $10/each plus shipping so two are ordered and on their way.  Thank you again all.