Please DM me to explain removing my posts

Dear Moderator:

Hi - I am not particularly upset about my posts being removed (a kind reply answered my fundamental question). But I had read over the posting guidelines:

I am unsure, based on this, as to why my posts were removed. It might be helpful to provide either a dm explanation or even a post explaining to the community as to why a particular post was removed. I would like to understand parameters beyond what is on the above web page.

thank you, Mike



The moderators are very responsive. IMO, the best way to communicate with them is through the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

Good luck.  I have yet to figure out the rhyme or reason why some posts get removed and others do not.

I had a similar experience. Another member made a very condescending remark on a post. Appointed himself the English teacher for the day. He is a longstanding member and probably didn’t like the fact that I called him out. I’m sure he prompted the censorship. I didn’t use profanity and wasn’t extremely negative. Unfortunately, this is SOP for this member. He’s rude, condescending, and allowed to get away with crap people shouldn’t have to tolerate. 

Not so far. Oh well. They were quick to remove things, but I haven't heard back here or in a DM. Just would be good to know!



Was your deleted post/thread about something you own and want to sell?



yep. I had a question about packing and about how to get some sense of pricing.... Nothing in the guidelines said those were out of bounds. Intent was to get some info then post for actual sale in the correct place. Which I will do.

I don't have a problem with the moderator deciding to remove the posts, nor even someone complaining. But given the guidelines, would just like to know what the issues were with the posts. Helpful moderation requires clear guidelines and feedback.

I had the same thing happen, made a comment that some nasty people disagreed with and moderator took my post down. Interesting how you find out what the parameters are.