Poco "Legend" half-speed MFSL vinyl

Hi All!
Just bought a used Poco "Legend" half-speed master MFSL vinyl & I bought it with great anticipation. This is an original MFSL (I checked it) & it is cut by the venerable Stan Ricker himself on JVC Japanese vinyl. I cleaned it in my VPI 16.5 machine & played it yesterday. The LP is really clean & I hear no groove damage at all.
However, I find that the music is rather bass heavy i.e. I feel that there is too much bass in all the tracks. In many tracks I feel that the lead singer's voice has been pushed back & the bass brought forward! Some of the tracks on this LP are on the CD I own (Poco's greatest hits) & I hate to say this but I prefer those tracks on the CD 'cuz the presentation is more balanced!! By the time I was done with the LP my stomach wasn't feeling that good! I have never felt this way with any of my other LPs even with the Blues vinyl that I own. This is very disappointing to me & I'm too embarressed to 'fess up how much I paid for this LP!

Does anyone out there have this same MFSL half-speed master? If so, do you feel the same way about it? I just wondering whether my ears are deceiving me or whether my system needs an adjustment? TIA
haven't heard that one, but an embarassingly large number of MFSL records are simply not worth owning at any price due to "punched up" bass and treble and recessed mids. the beatles "white album" is another good example. a good clean original pressing will best the MoFi in a lot of cases--i have a russian copy of the white album that murders it. not sure why they botched so many pressings, but they did. the problem is not your system. list the thing on "Epay" and recoup your money. best of luck!
I much prefer my original pressing over the MFSL version as well as the CD. ( I have all three.)
MFSL tended to degrade the overall quality of many of their remasters by kicking the bass up too high. I have the Poco and think its just okay. I wish they would have left things as they were tonally and done half speed master from that.
I, too, largely prefer my original pressing "Legend" to the MFSL that I later sold. In general, I find that MFSL LP's do not measure up to first pressings of the same LP, but there are exceptions (Little Feat's "Waiting for Columbus among them). I have found some of the MFSL to be heavy on the low end, but also some are "tizzy" and some lack dynamics.

If you like Poco, try "Indian Summer", "Rose of Cimarron", "Crazy Eyes", and "Poco - Seven".
I agree with 4yanx. Some of the Nautilus pressings are better from an engineering standpoint. Neil Young's "Harvest" is a great example. The bass is spot on with what one would expect at a live performance. Heart "Dreamboat Annie" is another fine example. First generation pressings are usually the best mix, but then again the first mix is what we judge all others by. I just wish that records were manufactured with the care and standards (including materials) of circa 1962. Just my opinion and worth what you paid for it.
Thanks guys for the feedback!
Whew! You all have exonerated my system & my ears.
Now I gotta figure out my game plan with this MFSL LP.

There's so much hype surrounding various MFSL vinyl on many internet vinyl vendors & the way they advertise this vinyl, it almost makes you feel bad that you are not buying any MFSL issues! I'm glad that I didn't get suckered into buying them as many of them would have been utter disappointments!

Thanks for giving me specific album names that I could seek out on Nautilus &/or MFSL labels. I'll short-list them.
One of my favorite albums. The original LP as well as the CD are also very bass-rich.