Power conditioning: APS, Eclipse, Velocitor, or ?

Looking to upgrade power conditioner from Monster unit purchased years ago. Have studied discussions of different models here on A'gon and elsewhere and learnt a good deal, but suspect that from putting my own question I'd learn even more. Front runners:

Audiophile APS -- Power regeneration seems a reasonable procedure. Battery backup may be more important for home theatre than for my two-channel audio. Only six outlets. Main downside: possibly audible cooling fan.

Audio Magic Eclipse -- Twelve outlets, good. Don't know how it works, puzzled by filter adjustment feature. Main downside: while I value Pace, Rhythm And Timing, I also value body, substance and heft to the sound, and this doesn't seem to be AM's strength.

Walker Velocitor -- Only six outlets but with parallel conditioning one could use the other half of one's wall outlet. Main downside: no surge protection, what happens when lightning strikes?

Richard Gray, Shunyata, BPT, ExactPower all have good reports but not quite as good as these. From a review I concluded that Audience adeptResponse wouldn't suit my system. There may well be other brands I should consider. Limited possibilities to listen to gear here in Northern Alberta, so should specially welcome comments based on actual comparisons.

Supplementary question: how important is it to have separate conditioners for digital and analogue equipment? Note that there's only one power point (twin outlets) near my equipment, and I can't hope to re-wire my 12th storey condominium.

Grateful for all enlightenment. Thanks, Nick.
As a Velocitor owner I thought I'd chime in here. The Velocitor does not offer surge protection or traditional line conditioning (meaning attempting to regulate or recreate the incoming AC). The incoming AC is not altered, but delivered faster and cleaner. Lloyd Walker recommends surge protection at the breaker if possible - this is an approach often taken in pro audio studio design as well. I have had excellent results running my sources into the Velocitor, although I would not recommend plugging in a high current power amp. Additional technical details are available here.
May I suggest looking up Sound Applications, I have their XE-12, it has 12 outlets, six for digital and six for analogue. It also has surge protection. Check them out at soundapplications.com
I can not speak to the others, but the APS unit improved the performance of every component in my system and took it to a new level. APS has addressed the noise issue and has promised me a replacement unit shortly that should take care of this issue.
I have the original Eclipse. I got there via the Audio Magic Stealth and then the Matrix. I'm sure the new Eclipse (I believe it is called the Transcendence?) eclipses mine, but I'm a happy camper. Jerry's babies need a very long high amperage break in. The sound is absolutely glorious. If it weren't AM, I'd go with Sound Applications. Keeping your digital isolated from analog is the best way to go, and the Eclipse works beautifully. It requires (yes it can get very pricey) two power cords, which you (as I have done)connect to two dedicated outlets. Electric nirvana, in my case. peace, warren
Sound Applications all the way, also their Reference Line Stage was reviewed this month and given a glowing review > It was also given one of the Products Of The Year for the online magazine. Startlingly fast and clean , it opens the sound like no other conditioner I have tried. Excellent lightning protection . My home was subject to a hit this summer and it took out a computer and 2 tvs. My system was actually playing when it hit as i was at Outback Steakhouse at the time and was warming it up for a party . The SA shut power to the system and powered itself down but no damage was done to either unit nor system . A must have in my opinion for high end systems in particular as it does not limit current and actually sounds superior to going directly to my wall IMO which has dedicated isolated lines , seperate panel and grounding system and a top of the line outlet to boot . Not cheap but built like a tank .
Your helpful comments much appreciated!

Thanks, Sdatch, for the explanation about the Velocitor. Since there isn't a lot I can do about the power lines in my building, in spite of its sonic virtues this doesn't sound like the unit for me. You've helped me simplify my choices!

Thanks, Twb2, for the positive evaluation of the APS, which I think is widely shared. A friend tells me that one has just now come into the Audio Ark (which I'm tempted to describe as Edmonton's Temple of High End Sound) -- clearly a listening session is called for. I'll report back what I hear.

Thanks, Warren, for the endorsement of the Audio Magic. I should explain that my hesitation about its sound was based on a Stealth review of long ago, and I dare say to-day's Eclipse, not to mention the Transcendence, is something else again. I wonder if my limited mains access curtails the effect of the two power cords -- I've e-mailed to find out.

Thanks, Uru975 and Brainwater, for bringing Sound Application into the picture. Hadn't encountered this company before. Spent some time on their website -- great reviews. Ease, liquidity, black background? Yes, yes, and yes! Not clear on the difference of models, have e-mailed them, too, for more info.

Great responses, everyone -- I'll post again when something interesting transpires! -- Nick

Both Jerry from Audio Magic and Jim from Sound Application have sent me helpful information -- in the first case, that using two power cords into a twin outlet is perfectly all right, as the internal circuitry of the Eclipse prevents feedback -- in the second case, that the RLS is the model I should be looking at, a new and improved version just out. My impression is that these are both great guys with great products, but I've still got to make some kind of decision between them. The two conditioners probably have somewhat different flavours, so to speak -- any more comments from those who have heard them?

The Audiophile APS that I had hoped to hear, left by the sales rep at Audio Ark, was picked up again by the sales rep by the time I inquired. Disappointing! But the more I think of it the more convinced I am that one day I'll want more than 6 outlets.
That's quite a high class dilema you have there, Nwickend. Your ears will probably be very happy with either choice. It is only a matter of something that you will never know. Unless you want to give both of them a long run in your rig, make a decision, and sell the other on the 'gon. I know the AM well, and am very happy.
I know I’m a bit late to this party, but Verastarr makes a really nice power conditioner.