power consumption of total components

Good day guys. I recently moved. My audio system is still boxed as I haven't done the basement renovation yet. My question concerns your rigs total electric consumption in dollars.
 My new house is not all that different from my older home. It has two heat pumps for the A/C. The new house was built in 2008. The old house in 1988. I am amazed at how much lower the electric bills are in my new place. I do have gas heat in the new house. However, my electric bill is less than 1/3 the amount of the old house. We keep the house comfortable. I live in Pennsylvania. My most recent electric bill is $149.00 for the past month. The old house would have been $450.00 or so. (The heat pumps in the old house were replaced in 2015)  The only thing not in the equation is my audio system. I did search the forums here. I see there have been discussions on how to calculate how much energy your system is using. I haven't seen any postings on actual dollar amounts. Who knows within 10 % how much your rig is costing per month?
About $9-$10 per month for me.  My system draws about 480 watts and I run it ~8 hrs per day.  My local rate is about $0.08 per kilowatt hour (it will say on your monthly bill).
Easiest and most accurate way is to put one of these in (or similar):


Measure it for a week, then you'll have your answer of watt hours. :)

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@erik_squires   That's exactly the meter I use.  It even lets you input the rate from your service provider.  No calcs needed!
My Benchmark AHB2 consumes 0.5W at standby, 20W at idle and varying amount during use.  Music power is usually very low, but it depends on type of music.  The highest would be for playing sinewaves.  After that probably organ or heavy classical pieces.  On the other end would be a Jazz trio.  Music power is very low because half of the peak loudness is 10% of peak power and in addition music has gaps.  Class A is different story consuming huge amount of power all the time.

Ignoring miniscule standby or idle (because something always plays - music or TV) a listen for about 6 hrs a day = 180 hrs a month.  They charge me $0.14 per kWh.  Assuming 50W power draw it will make 
0.05kW x 180hrs x $0.14 = $1.25 a month.  If you listen loud it will be likely twice that.  With your system in my room it would be  about $12 a month for 5 hour a day listening, not counting idle and standby for the rest of the day.  When calculating energy cost remember that they charge for energy and delivery, in my case $0.07 + $0.07 = $0.14 per kWh.
Your new house is better insulated, and undoubtedly more energy efficient in every way. Don’t blame your sound system, in the grand scheme of things, most use very little power. The two big draws are heating/cooling, and the water heater. The way to lessen this is better insulation, and more efficient appliances.
Insulate the best you can, biggest improvement you will see. Great windows...

Having digs under ground and in the Attic. Both are wonderful, Dead of summer or dead of winter.. HO railroad is in the attic. The basement is the basement.. 55-60 degrees all the time.

85, to 125. per month. I’m looking at a solar trailer too. I like the idea better. Easier to maintain on the ground..

I don't know within 10% what my electric bill is in any given month. The only time it mattered was when I was mining bitcoin. Because then it was buying bitcoin with watts. My system is pleasure, not business. Sometimes wonder if audiophiles know the difference.
It sounds like you’re on a tight monthly budget. One suggestion would be to sell whatever amp/amps you have, and purchase a new/used highly efficient class D.  Another suggestion might be to limit your listening to a couple hours a week,and never leave any equipment on when not in use. 
Thanks for all the input everyone. I do have one of the meters suggested above. I'm not hearing crazy dollar amounts like $200.00 plus! That would have been a game changer. 
   My budget is okay for now. For instance though; Had I heard crazy huge figures to run an inefficient stereo, I might have considered going with class D amps. 
   The main reason for the question is; major changes are in place in my life. I need to reevaluate many things including every dime I spend. I may end up raising my grandchildren in the next year or two. Time will tell. When tragedy strikes in my life, I tend to look at and question everything.  
Does anyone look at their power consumption report?

I'd be interested to hear reports from tube based system owners. We're the ones who have the poor efficiency, power sucking concerns.

At least for me, comparing days when the system isn't used and days used, it's HUGE!

I can't imagine the power consumption of guys with SERIOUS, giant monoblocks  setups. That's got to be a 10Kw evening at least.