Power Cord Suggestions REF 5se

Just got a recently purchased ARC REF5se back from the shop and really got to hear it for the first time. The output caps were replaced, due to a long story for another time. Anyway, it is fixed and working correctly. At the end of the first night I came to notice that the high end was a little....fatiguing after several hours. I suspect that some is due to the need of the caps to burn-in, could some perhaps be due to the factory pc?

I am currently thinking about a replacement pc and would like to get some suggestions from guys familiar with the 5se. I am running Pass 260.8 with it and had been using a LS27 before getting the 5se and the top end was not nearly as fatiguing.

As it is a 20a plug and I do not have any on hand to swap and try I am hoping someone has already gone through the task. As I am convinced that pc make a difference, I am looking for a couple of names that I should investigate and for a pc I think used is fine, as it will also limit the downside should it not mate well in my system.

I have spent hours looking and researching a half dozen so far, with literally hundreds more to go. I am hoping for a short list of cable manufacturers/models to keep an eye out for.

BTW-I would like to stay away for a discussion about the validity of cables, I am a believer so if you are not, that's fine. Let's take it from there.

You could use the PC you had on your LS27 and just change out the plug to a Furutech FI-32R 20A if you like that cord.

I like WyWires. If that’s not a brand you’ve researched it, might be worth a look. 
I thought about that, but the 27 is going to second system to replace a 17se. I have heard of them, never really checked them out, but will now.
The factory cord is quite good, when I bought my 5SE ARC was using SAIN at shows, not sure what they use now...
I bought a big MIT and it closed down image in my system. A better 6550 and breakin needed before you go spend a bunch of $ chasing dragons, and the 5se takes a very very long time to settle in... like 300 hours
Unfortunately, I do not believe the pc I got with the unit is OEM. First owner bought as demo unit. Guy at repair shop had a factory that looked a lot heavier than the cord I got with the unit. Sent email to seller and asked, but I expect his reply to be that is what he got with it, but I guess I will see when he replies.


Transparent Audio is a sonic match for your Ref5SE.  The MM2 series is still quite good for the money. Gen5 is the newest series and I have not heard those products.

Happy Listening!

What is the rest of your system ...source, interconnects, speakers, speaker cables?
Do you use a power conditioner, power strip, or plugged directly into wall?

I had several Audio Research tube preamplifiers throughout the years that I used to drive the Pass Labs X250.5. Even though an impedance ratio between those preamps and the X250.5 was not ideal, I never ever experienced brittle high frequencies. The power cords that worked and still work best in my system, to my ears, were Shunyata higher end cords. I used Taipan and Python cords, and the results were always superb. My recommendation would be to give the new caps at least 100hrs of playing time before making any changes. 
For cables, try borrowing few power cords from cable company, it’s worth a try to determine what works best. 

Yeah, that was pretty much what I was going to do before making any changes. I have a PSA P20 that is currently out of the system, so right now everything is plugged directly into outlets.

Rest of system is PSA DSD, PSA Memory Player, Nak CR7A and Magnum Dynalab 809 going to a set of Shahinian Hawks. As far as ic's, most are straightwire virtuoso (pre to amp) and cardas clear (DAC to pre)

What's your budget? I have used the Sain Line Systems "Pure Audio Cables" line of power cables on the Ref 5SE and it is outstanding. They are a steal used if you can find one but they don't come up for sale very often. I believe they are around $1500 new but don't quote me on that. I have also used the Nordost Valhalla V1 PC on the Ref 5SE and that is probably my favorite. Either of those two are outstanding though.

Also, I would recommend VooDoo cable 15A to 20A adapters if you don't want to buy a 20A terminated cable. They are excellent and I can't hear any loss of sound quality. 
Keep running it in. I assume the caps are what the unit calls for originally?

how many hours on new caps?
Yes, caps are OEM, just like the ones that were in the unit. Only have 10 hours or so on new caps, rest of unit has around 800+ (at last look)

I will sit on my hands until I get to around 200 hours then make a decision on where to go. I already have a bucket full of 15a, not wanting to go through that again... 

It has somewhat but due to work schedule I am pretty sure it still had less than 100 hours on it. This weekend I might get another 10 hours or so, will make an effort to work it this week after I get home each night so maybe by next weekend I will have a better idea. It has already tamed the hf so I am heading in the right direction.
Take a look at ...

I think they are one of the best cable companies on the market

A more affordable option - If the budget won't stretch to that - try ...

For somethin between the two above - try Nordost

Regards - Steve

@williewonka +1 on the Inakustik. Look at the Reference 2502F or their AIR series.You can reach out out to user @wig on this forum who has completely changed his cables to Inakustik. And this gentleman has changed his cabling from $$$$ Verastarr cables.I have the Reference 2502F power cables and am seriously considering the LS-2404 myself. At some point I want full loom of Inakustik cables in my system. But it will take time. Inakustik is somehow overlooked here in the US.

@milpai - it was WIG that made me aware of Inakustik. He holds them in very high esteem.

One look at the geometry they use and I could see why Wig likes them so much.

The advanced cable geometry Inakustik employs tackles the most difficult aspects of cable design. It allows the cables to convey an almost perfect signal, low in noise, having amazing clarity with superb dynamics.

They use the best dielectric on the planet - AIR and minimize intra-conductor noise by spacing the conductors in an irregular fashion.

Power cables have a huge issue with insulation and intra-cable noise, but their geometry successfully addresses the worst issues of cable design.

It is the best design I have seen in any commercial product.

Inakustik is German and as such has a huge market across Europe, including Russia and I’m sure they will be coming to North America soon.

In North America they are battling giants like Audioquest and Nordost, so it may take a little time to spread the word.

Their price is a high, but they are exceptionally good at what they do and are a great match for the components that the OP has.

Regards - Steve
@williewonka ,Inkustik is already in N.A. Infact for the past few months, WIG and I have been in touch over the Inakustik power conditioners and cables. Since I got the ProAcs, I have been wanting to upgrade my speaker cables. WIG convinced me to look at Inakustik. He has experience with more than 20+ various cables brands and like you said, holds Inakustik in high esteem. High regards from a experienced A'goner is more important to me than the commercial reviews.
I would recommend you get in touch with Chris at Sain Line systems if you have not made your choice yet.  His Pure Current (called Pure Audio above) power cables is what is used at ARC to voice their systems.  They use his power cables because historically they have considered his power cables the very best, regardless of cost.  I have been to the ARC lab recently (10 min from my office) and have seen the his power cables in their lab myself.   I also use Sain Line power cables in my Aesthetix, Rogue, Revel based system. I highly recommend them.
Have email Chris, as other things have kept me from fully breaking in the pre-amp so this came just in time.
I've been using Sain Line cords on my Ref 5se and Ref 2se for quite some time and they are definitely a sonic match with ARC gear.They just plain get out of the way and allow the equipment to reveal what it was designed to do.
HAve been checking out the Sain products, do they sell direct or through dealers? Difficult to get pricing on any options they have...like line length...

Emailed and so far have not heard back...
Get the sain line.  It is what arc uses.  I have two and have tried many.  They simply increase the positives without changing the signature.
As a follow-up, I ordered the Pure Current from Chris the other day, he said at the time it is 2/3 weeks out. So in a short time I will know the improvement. Thank you all for your input, and sorry it took so long, but obviously there have been other outside factors