PowerBall Lottery Winner

Yo Audiogoners,

I'm destined to be this week solitary Power Ball Lottery winner; seeking suggestions/advice for the "ultimate" cost no limit narcissist's audio experience... Thanks

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Find a good dealer and bring your own music with you and just listen to some gear and use your ears to decide what to buy but concentrate on your speakers first because you definitely need to be happy with what you get.
Buy one of everything. Then you can take your time and figure out the ultimate SOTA combination in home.

Congratulations by the way!
Start with a Golden Ratio room with poured concrete walls a thick-pile carpet, a solid, rigid well-braced ceiling, solid wood doors and only enough windows to meet code for egress. 

Suggest room dimensions (close to Golden Ratio) could be 10' high, 15' wide and 25' long. 

In a room that size, pick up 2 dozen 8' tall artificial ficus trees with a lot of leaves on each tree. 

That is the foundation of great sound.  The components are important, but will have very limited performance without a great listening room.    

Pick your source (vinyl, optical digital, streaming, something else).  Listen to Sonus Faber, Wilson and other top speaker manufacturers in combination with your chosen source from some top electronics from several manufacturers.  

At some point, you will find a pleasing presentation.  But be ready to change because there is NO perfect piece of perfect audio gear.  After a while, everything will exhibit some annoying nuances or colorations. 

It then becomes a matter of how minor and tolerable those nuances and colorations are.  

@dekay  do they make larger "flagship" models?The wall shelf models lack bass;-)
Just go Swiss on the front end and some Danish Floorstanders (i.e. Borreson-sp?), or Sonus, or Wilson’s with 2 or more REL Subs
Hire the Foo Fighters to embark the Chartered Private Jet, to travel around the World with you for a few months and perform at your request.
Well I would certainly have a Happy Wife if I did that for her.
Oh yeah and don’t forget to invite 20 000 appreciative guests just to get the partying on the money.

Remember to hold back a few dollars, you’ll be needing another lotto punt very soon.
...well, first....you'll have to figure out How to 'splain Why I won the Lotto instead of You....;)

As for me, I'm going to Disappear.
Hire a great Lawyer and a better Accountant.
Destroy all existing cells and buy a butt-load of 'burner cells'.

Audio can wait.
Multiple small home in places I'd like to be at as the weather begins to Change.....
'Impractical ways' to move between them....A Tesla, the last petrol Lotus....maybe a new motorhome...
'Infill audio' on the move....

Think bigger, and more long term....;)

...sorry 'bout not letting you win.
Move to Iceland. The women are beautiful and nice. Temperatures are nice. The housing and geography is amazing, no crazy Trumpers , did I mention the women! 
Like most "Destined: winners, take your proposed lottery ticket money and buy a good bottle of scotch, plus a little extra medicinal stuff.  This improve many systems more than any other tweak.  BTW, lotteries are for people who do not understand math.  Scotch, etc, is for people who do.
You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice in the same spot...all these people who brag about how much they won on a scratch ticket, yet they never tell you how much they spent along  the way until they finally hit....I’d say they most likely broke even or worse....
Chances of winning the lottery is only slightly better if you buy a ticket!

"Zardoz Has Spoken"
You mean I can’t put my Shun Mook Mpingo discs on top of my lottery ticket during the drawing and watch the electro-harmonic kinetic energy farce field rays from these discs make my winning ping pong balls fall out of the dispenser? 🤣🤣🤣
Now for a bit of history on Powerball. Years ago, sales were lagging; it seemed that the 80M/1 odds of 1 ticket winning (roughly the odds of being struck by lightning - twice) could produce only so high a jackpot. People were getting numb to 3-5 million dollar range payouts, and sales were falling. What a shame. 

What to do? Our government, which conveniently exempts itself from truth in advertising laws regarding Powerball, decided to raise the amounts paid out. So, they made the odds closer to 180M/1, thus yielding less payouts, but bigger jackpots in the tens of millions of dollars. Sales took off like a rocket! Yes, because the average person is too dim and too covetous to resist the allurement of easy wealth, lowering the odds was a brilliant maneuver to enhance the voluntary tax paid by Americans who claim they have such economic hardships, allowing the government to make billions off of them. 

The odds are you will be disappointed. 

Gamblers dream.
Investors do. 

i would hire Rickie Lee Jones to sing “ Easy Money “ to me each nite….

My days would be spent at the local food bank paying it forward…
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Stage Accompany Master M57 or M59 Loudspeakers with Bamboo wood cabinets

Western Electric WE91E 300B Integrated amp with matching CD Player

Node Audio Hylixa Signature speakers

HiFi Rose RA-180 Integrated amp

HiFi Rose RS-150B DAC Streamer