Pre amp and Power amp advice needed


I’m looking for a tube pre amp and a tube power amp. A suggestion that I’ve got are Rogue Audio RP-5 + Atlas Magnum II. This is just within my budget. But I don’t think I will be using KT-120 because EL34 is the type of tube I really like.
Today I have a Line Magnetic LM-34ia, but I’m tired of all the hassle with bad soldering and problems with the balance sliding to the right. The unit has been away for repairing for two month now. This time.
Any suggestions?

The speakers are Tannoy Legacy Eaton. Slightly rolled of and slightly dark sounding (says some).
I'm not sure that the Rogue accomodates the EL34 that you like, does it?  If I had those speakers I'd probably consider a couple of EL34 integrated choices like the  VTL IT-85 on the higher end of power and the Leben 600x on the lower end.  I think you'll get more bang for the buck within your budget with these integrateds.
A very tube-friendly speaker!

Why bother with EL34s and the like when there are triode amps out there with plenty of power? Given the efficiency I would recommend something with about 60 watts in most rooms.
VTA amps and kits from Tubes4hifi.  Great sounding robust amps and great support. Highly recommended.
I have a PrimaLuna Dialogue HP integrated. Runs like a top and sounds great. It drives my Magico A3 towers with no sweat. 
Please check out the Cary Audio direct sales website.  They have a big markdown since March for the Corona Virus epidemic, but it ends on Sunday.
Given the 89dB sensitivity a more powerful AMP would be my pick. I also use a PrimaLuna HP but there are many fine choices tube and SS. 
I had a Cary 120 running my Tannoy FSMs 94 sens. 4ohms.
Tired of tubes issues I sold it and bought a Pass Labs XA25.
I was and am a lover of tube sound but the Pass offers much more
in my experience. I am shopping/saving now for the tube preamp
I want to pair with these two pieces. So far I like the information
and opinions on the Supratek Chardonnay pre. $2k new.
The Pass Labs is a great choice, I own a CA 60.8 and ARC Ref 6.  That said If I were in your place right now I would try to find an integrated amp that presents the sound you are looking for.  Better bang per buck than separates.
I have a Prima Luna Dialogue for my preamp. The quality of the construction is very good from what I can tell. The PrimaLuna EVO power amps use the EL34s and if their power amps are anything like their preamps, they should be great. You can also switch them over to triode mode if you prefer.

I've also heard great things about Quick Silver amps and they come with EL34s too

The Rogue Atlas Magnum can indeed support EL34 tubes.  I had a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II and I tried some EL34 / Gold Lion KT88 tubes.   You just have to bias them higher (I believe 55ma, you can e-mail Rogue and they will get back to you often same day).  
Coming from the KT 120 the other tubes were a big disappointment in my experience.  The KT 120 are excellent tubes. 
You can make the amp sound warmer and more tube like by changing the small signal tubes in the Atlas and your Preamp. 
FYI having owned the Cronus Magnum II (same amplifier as the Atlas) you might want to think about getting the Stereo 100 amplifier instead of the Atlas.  I have the 100 and it is an upgrade in every way. 
With the same budget you could get the RH-5 headphone / line stage instead of the RP-5.  Both the RH-5 and Stereo 100 are Stereophile class A rated.  Another advantage of the RH-5 / Stereo 100 (see my virtual system) is that they can use balanced connections leading to lower noise and much better dynamics. 
A lot to consider, I have been a Rogue Audio fan for many years and they are a solid choice.    
If you want pieces that won’t live in the shop, stick with Rogue (most affordable), Luxman, VTL, CJ, or Audio Research.
Avoid anything made in China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Triode designs require gawd aweful speaker designs, usual involving horns (squawwwwk) or multiple cheap drivers with massive crossover induced distortion (Tekton).

I had a Cary 120 running my Tannoy FSMs 94 sens. 4ohms.
Tired of tubes issues I sold it and bought a Pass Labs XA25.

I had a similar journey with the Cary 120 a couple of years ago.  It was just too noisy with such a large array of tubes and this persistent transformer hum that drove me insane.  I actually traded it back into Cary for a new SLI80-HS for my second system which I actually really enjoy and happens to be dead quiet (amazingly) even paired with 99dB Forte III's.  I replaced the Cary 120 in my main system with a Pass XA30.8 but kept running it with my VAC Ren MK5 linestage.  I'm in sonic heaven these days as I feel the XA30.8 gives me everything I love about tube sound but with much more bass extension and grip and can drive speakers with much more authority even at much lower "rated" power.  I'm a huge fan of pairing Class A SS amps with tube preamps and suggest the OP consider that route in his range of options. 
I have the Tannoy Legacy Arden's. I had them paired with Pass Labs X260.8 Mono's and Pass Pre, I also tried CODA Class A paired with the 7x pre, and now I am using an EVO400 Integrated with EL34's. All were great but I am enjoying the PrimaLuna set up much more.

Yes, Rogue Atlas Magnum II takes EL34 as well.
The idea is to have a really good pre amp so I can switch between different power amps with different types of tubes.

Problem is that I'm living in Sweden and there's no way for me to listen to some of the US made amps. One of these is Quicksilver, another is Decware. Sad, but true.
And another thing is that one of these would cost me + 40% with fees and taxes and then there's the shipping.

I've tried an Audion Silver Knight (300B, about 8 w), but it just don't have the power to drive my Tannoys without the feeling that the sound is compressed. Even at very low volumes.

I would love to try out Decware, but as I said, no possibilities in Sweden.

I really like the sound of the EL34 and I have several matched quads of them.

Once again, it's something I have to buy from the US. And building amplifiers is not my cup of tea. I would surely burn down the house.

I've actually tried a Primaluna, Primaluna Dialogue Premium. But I wasn't impressed at all. The sound was very big and deep and sweet. But it was also kind of lame and like a thick cloth over the speakers. When I replaced the Primaluna with Feliks Elise headphone amp the sound became lighter and there were air around the instruments. But the drawback were the much smaller soundstage.
I suppose that Primaluna and Tannoy isn't the best combination.

Here we go again. No Cary Audio in Sweden.

Primaluna and Tannoy doesn't seem to be a good pair.

Sure there are issues with tubes. For the time being I use a ss, Moonriver 404, the best ss I have ever heard. But I still miss the midrange and that sparkling treble that only tubes can give. But Moonriver 404 is not far behind and it has a much faster and tighter bass. But still...

Sure better bang for the buck. But not that versitile if you want to change the power stage, as I want.

Hmm... yet another Primaluna fan. What's wrong with my ears?

This is very interesting. Rogue Audio is one of the few US brands I can find and have a chance listening to. At my home.
I think the small tubes are ECC82:s and ECC83:s which I have a bunch of in different brands. Are they used in matched pairs?
Have you tried EL34:s in the Stereo 100 amplifier or maybe you don't like the sound of EL34:s at all?
Regarding RP-5 and RH-5; isn't RP-5 "more a pre amplifier" than RH-5. Because I'm not interested in the headphone amp at all because I'm a Stax guy (Stax + Mjölnir = heaven). And the Rouge Audio agent in Sweden doesn't have any Rouge HPA at all.
Is the RH-5 more expensive than RP-5 in the US? Is the balanced option the only benefit with the RH-5?
Which speakers do you use? How are their character considered to be? Bright? Rolled of? Forward? etc.
@simna  Atlas Magnum uses a matched pair of 12AU7 / ECC82 as the amp drivers  and a matched pair of 12AX7 / ECC83 as the phase splitters.  
There are numerous NOS tubes that can give the amp a warmer flavor.  
The RP-5 preamp uses (4) ECC82 tubes, two matched pairs.  

I did not try the EL34s in the Stereo 100, just the Cronus Magnum II.  
The sound was less dynamic, somewhat dull and weak compared to the KT120s.  It was quite a contrast.  
RP-5 is a better preamp than the RH-5 but the RH-5 still has an excellent line stage preamp regardless.  The use of XLR connectors was important- I do  not use the headphone amp.  
The RP-5 is $3500 including phono stage, The RH-5 is $2500 no phono stage, $2900 with phono.  
The preamp below the RP-5 is the RP-1 ($1900).  The RH-5 is a much better sounding preamp than the RP-1.  The RH-5 has 3 switchable gain settings and balanced connections.  
My Speakers are Harbeth SHL5+, they are forgiving but somewhat forward in the upper midrange / treble.   I had Harbeth C7ES3 with the Cronus Magnum.  Very smooth and rich and more forgiving / less forward than the SHL5+.  
The star of the show is the Stereo 100 amplifier - a very dynamic, powerful tube amp that is refined, transparent and with a huge sound stage. 

I found that if the amp and preamp that comes from the same manufacturer, the sound is often better than a mismatched pair
@ avanti1960
Wonder why they just used a box to put the Stereo 100 in. In my eyes this is one of the most boring looking amps I have ever seen.
Is it better in every way over the Atlas Magum II?
Read something about there was an upgrade for the Cronus making it way better than the standard version. Do you know if there's something like that for the Atlas Magnum II?
I'm listening to the music not only with the ears, but also with my eyes. Just like enjoying a good meal .

I can look at it, but there's no dealer in Sweden for VAC. None in the whole Scandinavia actually.
"Primaluna and Tannoy doesn't seem to be a good pair."

You tried already? 

Anything under $3000-$6000 USD I'd go integrated. 

PS Audio not tubes but a lot of bang for your Krona.

Unless you have an exceptional room and all the rest just listen to your music and enjoy. Put some power into those Tannoys!

Best to Queen Silvia.
My psyche powers just come back on line..........

.....For you Mcintosh amp/pre.....

A great match for your Tannoys (that's what my Dad had too.).

My psyche powers also tell me you need tube glow. 

With Raven Audio and Rodgers High Fidelity it's the same as many other US brands, you don't find them in Sweden. McIntosh...I don't think they are the best bang for the buck, or...? 
Yes, tubes is the way to go. I tried once and now I'm hooked ;)

Interesting . Will try those one day.
w/o knowing the sensitivity level  its dif to suggest a  tube amp. just listened toa  YT upload of Tannoy's, its not my style of sound
Whats important is IF you like the Tannoy, not what I like in a  speaker. 
I will suggest intergrated tube as best deal, Separates are a  expensive setup.