Preamp for Halo A21 and/or B&K ST2140

I have been stalking the boards for some time lusting over a new preamp. My price keeps dropping as reality sets in. I started at $2,500 and am now down to $1,200. I have been looking close at the CJs, primarily PV-14L. I love the looks of the ET2 but it’s slightly above my $range. Are there any other preamps under $1,200 that anyone would recommend over the PV-14L? I see some names I hear a lot about, like Simaudio Moon (P3), Classe (CP-50/CP-60), Quicksilver, and Bel Canto.

I listen to all kinds of music, but mostly classic rock, alt country, folk rock, blues, old school country, some jazz and occasionally classical.  

I have two main requirements:
  • I need a remote since it will be attached to a TV 
  • I need RCA outputs so I can hook up my sub
I haven’t decided if this will grace my main rig or basement rig. In my main system I would put it between my Cambridge 851N and then use the 851N as a DAC instead of a DAC/pre combo. In the basement it would replace a Rotel RC-980BX. My amps are either Parasound Halo A21 or B&K ST2140. Both have an input impedance of 33 Kohms.

I haven’t got full authority to make a purchase yet but I need to be ready when I do :)
The Cambridge as a Dac/Pre combo will do a good job for you, I think that you'll be surprised at how much better the soundstage is over your Rotel... The amps are a different story... No for me,  I find it a no brainer, The Parasound will be faster and more detailed,  I owned a B&K Reference EX4420 for a short time.  I had a Coda a Sumo Nine and a DIY Abletec Class D amp on hand... It just didn't stand up to any of the 3... To be fair, I haven't sat in front of your model of Parasound, but I've sat in front of my share, way back when being a dealer as well as other models of B&K... The B&K are well respected and I don't want to put anyone down that likes them,  but for me, I just said, "I don't get it" and sold it quickly.
There is a Rogue RP5 tube preamp with 4 line and 1mm/mc inputs for sale here in the classifieds..  It also has a processor loop and 2 sets of outputs, all rca.  This is a 3500 piece with remote and TMR Audio has it for under 2500.  I own one and it is the best pre I have had.  It replaced a more expensive pre in my system and its a keeper.
I think the 851N is a decent pre and excellent DAC. I just think as a pre it's missing some warmth and sounstaging.  That is were the A21 is connected so plan #1 is to mate the new pre with the A21.  The B&K is my 2nd system and I think replacing the pre in system 2 will yield the biggest gain.  I'm kinda emotionally connected to the B&K because I have had it so long.  It's a pretty good amp in a solid mid-fi system.

The Rogue is out of my price range.  I saw a Rogue 99 Super Magnum on US Audio Mart but still a little out of my range.  

Also, I forgot to mention but I don't need a phono stage. I will be selling my Rega P3-24.
For trying a preamp to replace the volume within the pre/DAC I would go with a tube pre. Quicksilver make one in your budget. I own a Jolida Fusion which retails at $1350. Very nice unit and has the features you want.
There were two PV- 14Ls on Agon last night for $800 & $1000 and gone this morning. Damn.

Any A21 owners out there using a pre you love in this price range?
I used a Cary Cinema 12 processor with an A21.. The sound was excellent and the processor provided great flexibility for things like speaker and bass management.  A C12 might be found used in the before-reality-set-in price range, but a used Cinema 11a with a single HDMI input might be in your reality budget range.  Finally, an Oppo 105 direct to the A 21 is well within your reality budget, and can provide excellent sound and do almost everything including speaker and bass management.
I give up. Just can't afford to maintain two systems. I purchased a Halo integrated and moved the 851N / A21 combo to the basement. I think the integrated sounds better. The wife is happy too. So my upgrade sequence now changes to a sub for the basement and ripping my CDS that aren't in Tidal to FLAC. I'll be selling the Rega P3-24, ST2140 and RC-980BX to raise funds. Thanks everyone. It does feel good to have one system complete so I can concentrate on making the other system shine. 
I've been using a21 with CJ pv15 in my back up system, and they sound good together. I mean really good.
I am not suggesting a preamp.
But wanted to let you know that you need to choose one which has a XLR out to the A21. The Parasound A21 sounds in a completely different league when connected via XLR to the preamp. This has been my experience in my system. YMMV.
I'm using an XLR currently with the 851N.  I don't think the A21 is fully balanced, at least I think I read that here somewhere.  I have also read that it depends on the pre.  I don't think CJ even has a balanced pre but they certainly make the single ended work.
Yes treebread1, the A21 is not a true balanced amp. But I believe the XLR inputs are more optimized than the RCA, at least in my setup. Can you try to connect the 851N and A21 with RCA and see if makes any difference?
I could but I'm not sure that will tell me much.  The XLRs are better quality than the RCAs anyway, so it may jut be a comparison of the cables.
Ok, then can you try to get similar quality XLR and RCA? I tested with similar quality XLR and RCAs, and for me there was quite a difference. Mind you, my preamp is unconventional, so that could have made a difference.
It's not in my budget to upgrade my RCAs now. This seems to be hard theory to prove. The pre could also be playing a role in the  SQ difference.