Preamp with Theater By-Pass

Anyone recommend a good stereo (not pre/pro) preamp with a theater bypass capability AND a remote control? Looking for something nice for less than $1000 used. Thanks in advance...
I just bought a PS Audio GCP-200 - discontinued this year. Very good theater bypass and remote - also easily ties into ligitech/harmony univerals remotes. It is really easy to uuse and great gain control for all diff sources.

I have a "tewo channel" from (PS Audio pre, wyred for sound amp and PS audio DAC) connecting through theater byopass to NAD A/C recier that does video stuff and drived center and rear channel.
PSE HL-1 would fit the bill if you can find one;it is tubed with 6922's with rca and balanced outs as well.
Many, many preamps have an HT bypass, the advantage of the Parasound 2100 (and the P7, even moreso) is that it was designed to optimize the use of the HT bypass while all others, that I know of, merely accommodate the passthrough.

Among its relevant features (quoted from Parasound) are:
• Connect your 2 channel analog sources to the Model 2100 instead of to your surround receiver
• Connects to surround receiver’s L, R, Sub line out jacks & to power amp’s input jacks
• Blends seamlessly into surround system, automatic pass-through when turned off
• Bypass input can be selected by remote
• Creates a mono sub channel output for 2 channel analog sources
• Analog bass management, low pass filter, adjustable 20 Hz - 140 Hz
• Separate output jacks for full range (large speakers), 80 Hz high pass filtered (small speakers)

I am looking for a para 2100, but have read the phono stage is weak.
i think the pro's of the HT bypass vs. the con's of the phono stage being weak are enough for me.
the Anthem tlp-1 is the only other unit i would consider.

anybody have any more experience, or advise , would be greatly appreciated.


PS Audio preamp I have heard for the money...fully balanced...a whole bunch of features...Goodluck.
Try a Pioneer Elite C-91 Pre amp.
It comes with a remote, and it has the
by-pass for home theater.