Proac 2 - stand options

Looking for guidance on stands for the Proac 2. I know that the Target RS2 stands are a very good match, but very difficult to find. What other stands would work good with the Proac 2 ?

Thanks !
How tall are your 2s, about 18 inches? If so, an 18-22" stand might work like those from Sound Anchors.
Nice speakers!

I currently own Response 2.5s and Tablette 50 Signatures and used to own 1SCs. I really never understood why ProAc discontinued the 2s.

I believe another stand people liked were Osiris, but I think they've gone out of business. You might be able to find used units. With Sound Anchors I think you can order custom heights for your specific application.

Good luck!
I have not heard the Proac 2, just bought them but really looking forward to listening to them. How do they compare to the 2.5 and the 1SC ?

Thanks for your help !
I have the 2's' version
stands that will work are atlantis reference xl
21" or call may audio and he might have a pair of most awesome target stands for $500 shipped I have the targets, they are new old stock , not exactly r2 but close and better built than atlantis for extra $70 bucks or so
dont settle for cheap stands with this speaker

Just a guess, but I'd think the Response 2 is somewhere in between the 1SC and 2.5 when it comes to overall balance.

I know it sounds crazy, but the stands do make a difference. The Target Stands are a must - search and you can find them. I have the 2s version..tried using them without and with wood stands. The Target just sounds better.
Thanks Larry....I am sure that they do make a difference and I am actively looking for Target stands....I hope to locate some very soon..