Proac Tablette 10 Signature

Hi all,

I am new to the audiophile world. Just finally saved up about $5k and hope to get my first system.

I have this question.

1. I have decided on speaker that I want to buy. Proac Tablette 10 Signature. I heard many people say it should be driven by tube amp to maximize strength of a proac tablette. Is this true? If so, which brand of tube amp in the range of less than $1.5k (used one is ok)? I

2. If integrated amplifier is also ok to drive proac tablette 10 signautre, which do you recommend at about $1.5k budget?

3. Is there an integrated amp that also serve as the function of a network streaming system that plays Tidal ? If so, which is the good that that you can recommend that can drive Proac tablette?

Sorry for the newbie question. Hope to hear feedback...

Proac’s do sound wonderful with tube amps but I think a lot of SS amps such as Pass, Ayre just to name a couple will do nicely.
Tried the Tablette's 35 years ago. Too bright for my tastes. Maybe they have changed and maybe the right tube amplifier would help, but after a few months I sold them.
At your budget I would go with an integrated. If you would consider used, maybe a Vincent Audio SV 236 or a Pathos Model One MK3. Both are hybrids with tube pre and SS amp, smooth sounding. 
I would either call or PM John Rutan (audioconnection),
He sells ProAc and when I visited, he ran them with Aesthetix's.
A very nice combo-And, this is coming from a Vandy guy.
As far as streaming goes, I would get a Bluesound Node with an Ayre Codex DAC and be done with it.
Any comments on the following amp to drive the Harbeth P3ESR? Any recommendation? Experience to share.

- Rogue Cronos Magnum II integrated amp
- Prima luna Prologue Premium integrated amp